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Using Topical Drugs – A ‘Double-Edged Sword’

Most people when deciding to treat themselves with a topical drug for conditions of skin and hair (or on the recommendation of their physician), do not realize that use of many of  these drugs also can cause internal side effects from their use.  Many drugs used topically are also absorbed into the blood stream from the skin.  As an example, corticosteroids taken internally for a vast number of medical conditions, can cause adrenal...

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The Classification of Hair Loss In Women

We read all the time about the Norwood Hamilton Classification of Hair Loss in males, but we don’t read too much about how female pattern hair loss is classified. The original Ludwig Classification of Hair Loss was a simple 3 grade system that did not depict distinctions in hair loss severity as did the 12 grade system depicted in the Norwood Hamilton Classification of hair loss in males. Ludwig Classification...

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Famous People with Hair Loss

We all know that from time in memoriam, people who experienced hair loss have tried all sorts of remedies to regrow their hair. However, what may not be apparent is that so many important, historical figures were bald, and they have left a lasting impression on society. Here are a few of them.

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Shaving Your Head When Baldness Occurs

We think that many, many men will not agree that “Going bald has never been so beautiful”. They want their hair back to not be bald anymore! We recently saw an article in the Wall Street Journal of October 23-24, entitled, ‘THE SHORN IDENTITY – Going bald has never been so beautiful’. The article describes how men have taken the step of shaving their heads when their hair lines recede.

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