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HairMax Show Your Hair Some Love
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9 Reasons People With Hair Loss Are Raving About Their Hair Again

By Francesca Dubsky & Erika Koopman - February 19, 2018

After countless, failed attempts with messy topicals, unwanted side effects and products just don't work, men and women looking for a safe and effective way to grow back their hair are raving about their success with HairMax.

We tested it out ourselves to see what all the hype was about and let me tell you, its hair raising!


HairMax sets the bar.
Go with the undisputed champion.

HairMax pioneered laser phototherapy for hair loss and is the undisputed leader in the science of hair growth. HairMax laser devices were the first ever to recieve FDA* clearance to treat hair loss and promote hair growth. And they didn’t just stop with that one FDA clearance, they have an unprecedented total of 7 FDA clearances to date!


Busy schedule?
Can you spare 90 seconds/3 x a week?  

HairMax understands that the faster and easier your treatment is, the more likely you are to be compliant with it. The more consistent , the better the results will be. So they've created the fastest treatment ever - as little as 90 seconds (with the LaserBand 82 model),


Better laser coverage for better results

HairMax devices ensure your follicles recieve the optimal amount of energizing laser light. The LaserBand devices cover your scalp from ear to ear with a total of 246 lasers when moved over your head! Complete coverage, special teeth to part your hair, concentrated laser density and intensity boosts hair follicles back to life!


HairMax technology is used by hair restoration centers & top physicians

If physicians and hair restoration centers around the world offer HairMax to their hair loss patients, it must be the best. They trust it to work and you can too.

In case you're already convinced...


It says it works and it does. HairMax is proven again and again.

HairMax has invested in more clinical studies on light energy for hair growth than any other company. With seven clinical studies, on 460 men and women, HairMax has proven to regrow hair with an average increase of 129 new hairs per sq.inch. That's thousands of new hairs all over your head!


No ongoing costs and backed with
a 5 month money back guarantee+.  

HairMax devices are a ONE TIME purchase - no montly refills, no replacement parts - buy it once and you're good to go. They guarantee your satisfaction with a 5 month money back guarantee. Of course you'll want to try their thinning hair care products for all the beautiful new hair you'll grow


Say goodbye to messy topicals,
drugs and worrisome side effects.  

Treat your hair loss the safe and worry free way, by nourishing your hair follicles with low level laser energy. This boost of light energizes and enlivens hair follicles and gets those damaged, dying, shrinking follicles activated and regrowing hair!


Traveling & storing it is super easy.

It’s lightweight, portable and small enough to stow away, making it easy to travel with too. Whether you are using your device in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else, simply stow and go.


People can’t stop talking about it.  

HairMax has received endless amazing accolades on TV, in magazines, radio and all over the internet. More importantly, customers are raving about it too! You should see the before and afters photos on their website! Looking to try it out for yourself? HairMax makes it easy to select, purchase and Try!

Are you ready?

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