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Dr. Sonia Batra on HairMax

"I recommend HairMax to my patients to reverse the thinning process without the side effects of medication."

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LaserBand 82

Fastest Treatment Time
As little as 90 seconds

LaserBand 41

Treatment Time
As little as 3 minutes

Ultima 12 LaserComb

8 Minute Treatment

Ultima 9

11 Minutes Treatment

Prima 7 LaserComb

15 Minutes Treatment

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More clinical studies than any other company to date, HairMax laser devices have been proven safe and effective in 7 studies with 460 men and women. Clinical study participants experienced an average increase in hair count of 129 new hairs per sq. inch.

HairMax delivers nourishing laser light to you hair follicles through high quality medical grade lasers - No LEDs. This boost of light energy stimulates and enlivens your hair follicles at the root, activating them to regrow fuller, denser, more vibrant hair.

New LaserBand models provide the fastest laser hair loss treatment available. They provide full scalp coverage equating to 246 lasers. Lightweight, comfortable and portable allowing for freedom of movement at home or while traveling.

HairMax leads all other devices with 3 elements for efficacy including patented hair parting teeth, laser intensity, and laser density. Working in unison, these elements provide a highly effective treatment for hair loss and thinning hair.