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US : 1 (800) 9REGROW | INTL: +1 (561) 417-0200
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HairMax Laser 272 Cap vs. CapillusPro

Same Quality for $1000 Less

    HairMax LaserBand 272
  • Laser 272
  • HairMax Logo
  • $1,899
  • Dual Mode: Pulsing or Constant
  • 272 Laser Diodes
  • 1360mW Output
  • 3x Week Required Use
  • $7 per Laser Diode
  • 20 Years in Business
  • FREE $128 Gift W/ Purchase
  • CapillusPro
  • $2,999
  • Dual Mode: Pulsing or Constant
  • 272 Laser Diodes
  • 1360mW Output
  • Every Day Required Use
  • $11 per Laser Diode
  • 8 Years in Business
  • No Gift W/ Purchase

The Pioneer in Laser Hair Growth
Over 1.8 Million Devices Worldwide Since 2000

HairMax is the pioneer of at-home laser hair regrowth technology and is the undisputed global leader in the field, bringing doctor recommended laser light treatments to hair loss sufferers around the world. Whether you're experiencing bald spots, receding hair line or general thinning. HairMax is the drug free way to regrow your hair.

FDA Clearances*

Clinical Studies

International Medical License

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HairMax for Density Bio-Active Therapy for Thinning Hair

An aromatherapeutic experience that transforms hair & scalp

HairMax® for Density Bio-Active Hair Therapy is a scientifically innovated thinning hair care product line, created by hair growth experts. Our proprietary NRG8-pLEX® contains fortifying Bio-Active ingredients delivered through advanced liposome technology to help support hair and scalp with increased energy, stimulation and essential nourishment.