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This Game Changing Device Disrupts the
3.6 Billion Dollar Hair Loss Industry

HairMax technology has revolutionized the way people treat their hair loss.
Here’s how HairMax has changed the game.

HairMax is the first FDA Cleared treatment that grows hair without drugs or side effects.

As a famous first lady once said, say NO to Drugs – we’ll HairMax said NO in a big way. Before HairMax, there were only two FDA approved treatments for hair loss, Minoxidil & Finasteride, both of these are drug treatments and have unwanted side effects. HairMax leads the way with a more natural treatment ,that gives you the same, if not better results without drugs or unwanted side effects.

HairMax brought laser hair loss treatments from the clinic into your home

In clinic laser hair treatments are time consuming, requiring several weekly visits that can set you back thousands of dollars a year, indefinitely. HairMax changed all that, developing a hair growth laser device that can be used in the comfort and convenience of your own home at a fraction of the cost and time.

They made laser hair growth treatments affordable.

HairMax understands that when your hair looks good, you feel good about yourself. So, in an effort to help spread goodness and restore self-confidence around the world, they developed a line of laser hair growth devices at affordable price points, starting from just $199. Now more people can afford a treatment that was once available only to a select few.

They made laser hair growth treatments fast, easy to use and convenient to travel with.

Fast food, fast downloads, fast delivery – HairMax understand that people are on the go. So, they’ve created devices that are easy to use and have the fastest treatment times in the world - as little as 90 seconds - up to 11 minutes, depending on the HairMax model . Now, you can treat your hair loss and start growing your hair fast so you get back to doing the things you love.

They created a device that targets hair follicles unlike any other.

HairMax shines the light, but not just any light … energizing laser light, in just the right wavelength and intensity to activate your follicles and grow hair. Most importantly, HairMax ensures that the laser light energy actually reaches your hair follicles. Studies show that hair, being a photoprotectant blocks light from reaching your scalp – HairMax innovated a one of a kind, patented hair parting teeth mechanism to separate your hair and assure that the optimal amount of light energy reaches your follicles and gets them growing – this makes HairMax a highly effective hair growth treatment.

The FDA Cleared it to Treat Hair Loss & Stimulate hair growth – a monumental achievement.

After the remarkable success of the clinical studies, results were submitted to the FDA. The study data was reviewed, scrutinized, confirmed and validated. The FDA then granted HairMax the FIRST FDA Clearance for a home use Laser Hair Growth device.

Ready To Grow More Hair?

HairMax has won many awards and was named Time Magazine’s invention of the year.

In addition to being named Invention of the Year by Time Magazine, HairMax has been reviewed and tested by top beauty editors and has won numerous awards including, Hair Loss Fighter of the Future, The Best at Home Hair Loss Treatment, Most Effective Hair Loss Product & The Best at Home Anti Hair Loss Device.

The launch of a groundbreaking product usually has a real story behind it.

Founder and developer, David Michaels, created HairMax to treat his own hair loss - 17 years later, David still uses it and still has a full head of hair.

HairMax keeps breaking the mold, innovating new hair growth devices and staying ahead of the curve - and it’s working. Today over 1.4 million men and women around the world use HairMax to treat their hair loss – isn’t it time you give it a try.

Ready To Grow More Hair?

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