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Laser Hair Growth Devices are NOT ALL ALIKE!

What you need to know .... Get the facts.

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When comparing laser hair growth devices you should know up front what the differences to be sure that you are getting the very best product available on the market, from a trusted industry leader. Everyone knows the old saying that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, but it pains us to see other devices in the market, creatively promoting themselves without the appropriate technical specifications for efficacious treatment of hair loss.

At HairMax, we care when those suffering from hair loss are misled by other devices, and you certainly deserve better. See the side by side comparison below you’ll see right away why the HairMax LaserBand devices are the highest quality on the market, provide the most effective treatment and give you the BEST results.

iRestore Essential Helmet

iRestore Essential Helmet - 255mW Total Output

Recent addition to laser device market - Minimum data. Zero Peer Reviewed Validation.

  • Established 2016 – 4 years in business
  • 2 FDA(510k) Clearances
  • 2 Clinical Studies Posted. No results. See
  • 0 Peer Reviewed Articles
  • 1 International Medical Device License

iRestore Essential : $695

LaserBand 41 & 82

HairMax LaserBands 1230 mW Comparative Output

The Pioneer in Laser Hair Growth Technology - NO other company compares with HairMax's validation data.

  • Established 2000 – 20 years in business
  • 8 FDA (510k) Clearances
  • 7 Clinical Studies – 460 Men & Women
  • 6 Peer Reviewed Articles
  • 14 International Medical Device Licenses

LaserBand 82: $799 - LaserBand 42: $549

What's the difference between Lasers & LEDs?
BIG Difference.

You’ve probably heard a lot about LEDs in regards to light based treatments. LEDs are used for treatments on the surface of the skin but you need the power of laser light to penetrate down to the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth.

There is a significant difference between Lasers and LEDs for hair growth. Although they may look the same, only Lasers have been clinically proven to promote hair growth. The reason is that Lasers provide stronger, focused more intense light energy than LEDs. In addition, Lasers are specific in the color of light they deliver. All of the Laser energy is concentrated into a single wavelength (color) of light. LED light energy is dispersed into various wavelengths (colors).

So why would a company use LEDs in their hair growth devices?
The simple answer is that LEDs are significantly less expensive than laser diodes.

iRestore helmets are comprised of lasers and LEDs. LEDs are significantly less expensive and are not proven to work as well as lasers.

- Only 21 Lasers

- 30 LEDs

HairMax devices are manufactured with 100% Medical Grade Lasers – NO LEDs.

- 82 Medical Grade LasersNo LEDs

- 41 Medical Grade Lasers No LEDs

LaserBand Devices - 12x MORE laser density than iRestore

IRESTORE - Diffused Light- Less Energy Reaches Follicles

iRestore Essential Helmet contain about 50% more LEDs than laser diodes, The light emanating from LEDs is not collimated or focused, therefore it is reflected on the scalp – this light provides less energy reaching the follicles.

iRestore LED light example

HairMax - Light Intensity - Focused Laser Light Reaches Follicles

Laser light is collimated, meaning it travels in a straight line. This focused, collimated light penetrates the scalp to reach the follicle root, which is vital to stimulate hair growth.

HairMax Laser Light Example

Give it the DENSITY PAPER TEST to see how much laser light energy you're really getting.

The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.
It proves so true in the images below. We gave the iRestore Helmet and LaserBand Devices the "Paper Test" that clearly shows the actual amount of laser density.

Lasers on the iRestore devices are widely spaced

Photo below shows the iRestore Helmet with lasers on. You can clearly see how the laser light delivery is inconsistent, fragmented and does not provide full scalp coverage or penetration.

These inconsistencies provide a non-uniform distribution of light – meaning your scalp is not getting the same level of power evenly distributed. Simply put, there is less light energy that actually reaches your scalp, to the detriment of the laser light therapy.

iRestore Helmet Laser distribution analysis

Lasers are uniformly and densely placed in the LaserBand devices

On the LaserBand devices the lasers are spaced evenly and densely arranged on the device in rows, which allows for an even and consistent distribution of light energy. Meaning there are no gaps where the laser light is not being projected for a total and even scalp coverage.

In fact, the LaserBand devices have 12x the laser denstiy over the iRestore Essential Helmet.


HairMax LaserBands distribution analysis

Front, Back, Sides - Make Sure You're Covered.

iRestore Helmet – Partial scalp coverage

Provide top of head laser coverage ONLY. The light does not reach down the sides of the scalp and only the top portion of your head receives treatment.

iRestore helmet partial coverage

HairMax LaserBands – Full scalp coverage

HairMax LaserBands provide full scalp, ear to ear, and front to back scalp coverage. The entire scalp is treated.

HairMax LaserBands Full Scalp Coverage

LaserBand Treatment is 16x FASTER than iRestore.

How fast do you want to grow? With today’s busy lifestyle, the longer treatment time can result in not using the devices consistently. Treatments are needed every other day in order to stimulate and keep your hair growing. How much time are you willing to dedicate to your hair growth routine? iRestore has a treatment time of 25 minutes - much too long to wear a heavy, heat producing helmet.

HairMax knows your time is precious, so we've developed devices with the FASTEST treatment time on the market - In fact, treatment with the HairMax LaserBand 82 is 16x faster than with the iRestore Helmet. (LaserBand 41 treatment is 8x faster)
With HairMax you can get it done, and move on with your life!

iRestore Treatment Time: 25 Minutes

1 Second = 1 Minute

LaserBand 82 Treatment Time:
As Little As 90 Seconds

LaserBand 41 Treatment Time:
As Little As 3 Minutes

Less Ouch - More Ahhhh.

iRestore Essential Hard Helmet

5 pads are located within the iRestore Helmet. These pads create pressure points that can be painful.

The device is NOT Flexible and does not adapt to all head sizes. The level and distribution of laser light energy is inconsistent - resulting in a less effective treatment.

iRestore Essential Helmet - multiple pressure points

HairMax LaserBand Devices

NO PRESSURE POINTS! Soft touch teeth glide gently over your scalp.

Ultra Flexible ComfortFlex design aligns with the curvature of your scalp - this not only increase the comfort of the treatment but also ensures the same level of laser energization reaches your hair follicles.

HairMax LaserBands - No Pressure Points

Size Matters. When Smaller Is Better.

LaserBand devices are smaller, lighter and ergonomically designed for comfort. No headache creating pressure pads, no heavy helmet to wear.

Compare before you purchase and save yourself the headache.

Large Heavy Helmet - 1.34 LBS.
2X as heavy as a regular bicycle helmet

iRestore Essential Helmet - 1.34LBS

LaserBand 41 weighs just 5.5 oz.
LaserBand 82 weighs just 18 oz.

HairMax LaserBands as light as 5.5 Oz

Only HairMax Has Hair Parting Patented Technology

Hair is designed by nature as a photo protectant, its purpose is to block sunlight from the scalp. This holds true for Laser Light as well. HairMax innovated Hair Parting Teeth Technology to part your hair and allow the therapeutic light energy to reach your follicles and activate them for hair growth..

iRestore devices do not feature hair parting teeth. Your hair, being a photo protectant, significantly blocks the light energy from reaching your hair follicles. Root stimulation does not occur or is greatly reduced.

iRestore - No Hair Parting Teeth light
iRestore - No Hair Parting Teeth

LaserBand devices are designed with HairMax's patented technology to greatly increase effectiveness of treatment.

The hair parting teeth part your hair to help deliver the light energy to the scalp and provide an unobstructed path to the hair follicles for optimal results.

HairMax Hair Parting Teeth Light
HairMax Hair Parting Teeth

Get UnPlugged & Enjoy Your Freedom.

Mobility matters. Nobody has time to spend tethered to an electrical wall outlet. The LaserBand devices allow you to just charge and go. No cords & no heavy battery packs!  

iRestore Essential Helmet

The iRestore device requires that you stay tethered to an electrical wall outlet during treatment. The controller is attached to the device via power cord which is then connected to the power plug and into the wall outlet.

iRestore keeps you "tied up" for 25 min. Every other day.

HairMax LaserBand Devices

LaserBands feature rechargeable batteries located within the device. You are not tethered to the wall outlet during treatment. Move. walk around, go outside. The LaserBand fits in your routine without any downtime.

No wires, no cords, no controller, no walls.

Traveling? Which device do you prefer on your packing list?  

It's important to consider portability when making your laser hair growth device purchase decision. If you travel, whether for work or play, you'll want to take your device to continue your treatments to achieve and maintain results. The LaserBand fits into your handbag, backpack, carry on or check in luggage with ease - taking up little room and not weighing you down.