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US : 1 (800) 9REGROW | INTL: +1 (561) 417-0200

Without Drugs or Harmful Side Effects

Are you watching your hair go down the drain? Have you tried countless failed DIY hair loss remedies? Tired of thousands of dollars wasted looking for a safe and effective way to grow back your hair? This just may be the solution you are looking for.

9 Good Reasons To Try A HairMax Laser Device Today

1. HairMax Is The FIRST FDA Cleared Medical Device For Hair Growth On The Market

They didn't stop at just one. To date, HairMax laser devices have been granted a total of 8 FDA CLEARANCES for BOTH safety & effectiveness. That says A LOT!

HairMax is the industry leader, forever changing the way men and women treat their hair loss. Much like in nature, where light energy from the sun causes plants to grow, HairMax delivers laser light to energize hair follicles, reduce inflammation, reverse hair thinning and regrow hair!

2. Clinical Data Proves It Works.

In fact, they've invested in more clinical studies on light energy for hair growth than ANY OTHER COMPANY IN THE WORLD!

SEVEN clinical studies on close to 500 men and women PROVE that HairMax regrows hair with an over 90% SUCCESS RATE! After just 6 months of use, study participants saw an average increase in hair count of 129 additional new hairs per square inch. The results were SO IMPRESSIVE that they were published in 6 peer reviewed medical journals.

3. The Results Speak For Themselves.

This photo shows what one customer experienced by using a HairMax laser device just 3 days a week for six months. Individual results may vary, of course. Just think of the boost to your self-confidence! You could be DIFFERENT PERSON with a WHOLE DIFFERENT ATTITUDE in just six months!

4. Say Goodbye To Drugs, Chemicals And Worrying About Side Effects.

HairMax gets to the root cause of your thinning hair by stimulating your hair follicles with nourishing laser light energy. It’s easy, it’s EFFECTIVE, and above all – it’s SAFE. Throw away those messy topicals, foams, pills and say “good riddance” to the side effects that many people associate with them. Laser light therapy, delivered by HairMax is the ONLY FDA CLEARED* treatment for hair loss that works without drugs.

5. Money Back Guarantee If You're Not Jumping For Joy.

HairMax offers devices starting at just $199, and your purchase is covered by a NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE+. (1 year on Laser Caps and 6 months on LaserCombs and Bands.) Plus, they offer 3-6-or 12-month financing, so it’s affordable for any budget.

6. They Believe That One Device Does Not Necessarily Fit All.

HairMax believes that one device, doesn't necessarily fit all. That’s why they've innovated a range of hair growth devices to suit every need - from MILD to more ADVANCED HAIR LOSS.

So, whether you have thinning at the temples, a bald spot forming, general overall hair thinning, HairMax has a device that’s just right for you.

There's a HairMax for every budget, lifestyle and hair loss concern

Laser Caps

Advanced Hair Loss
Hands Free, Easy to Use

Full scalp coverage
15 minute treatment

Special Feature: Easiest to use,
just put it on and grow. Flexible & comfortable
Cap Treatment

3 Laser Cap models from $799


Mild to Moderate Hair Loss
Fastest Treatment - as little as 90 seconds

Full scalp coverage
Glide over scalp in 3 easy movements -
front, middle & back

Special Feature: Band design and patented
teeth part your hair maximizing laser
light delivery to your scalp.

2 LaserBand models from $549


Mild to Moderate Hair Loss
Spot Treat Thinning Areas

Targeted or full scalp coverage
Move incrementally over scalp where
you need it most.

Special Feature: Most budget friendly.
Patented teeth part
your hair maximizing laser light delivery
to your scalp.

2 LaserComb models from $199

7. Busy Schedule? Can You Spare 90 Seconds?

They know you have better things to do than spend time dealing with hair loss. With HairMax, there's no need to designate time or disrupt your day with lengthy sessions because it works FAST! You can complete your hair loss treatment in as little as 90 SECONDS. That’s less time than most people spend brushing their teeth!  

8. You Can Take It With You.

The key to hair growth success is being consistent with the 3 times weekly use, so they made their devices lightweight, cordless and compact enough to pack into the smallest carry-on bag.

No heavy, bulky helmets or external battery packs to carry with you. Just stow & go – and enjoy your treatments wherever your travels take you.

9. The Media is Buzzing about it and SO are HAIRMAX users.

HairMax has received endless awards and accolades from trade publications, peer reviewed medical journals, beauty magazines and even TV news.
Trusted media sources such as NBC, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Allure, GQ, Today and many more all abuzz about HairMax!

What our customers have to say!

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