6 Myths About Laser Hair Treatment
Posted by Francesca Dubsky
6 Myths About Laser Hair Treatment

Laser hair treatments are a very safe and effective way to stimulate hair growth.  If you've noticed thinning hair or are developing bald spots, we suggest starting laser hair therapy as quickly as possible, to reverse the thinning process, help halt the progression of your hair loss and regrow hair that has been lost.  

There are many myths that may dissuade you from pursuing this simple and effective treatment for thinning hair, so we're here to dispel them. Here's the truth about laser hair growth treatments.


Myth 1: Laser Therapy Is Painful

Some misinformation suggests that laser hair therapy burns the scalp or causes a sharp, painful sensation. This simply IS NOT TRUE.  The gentle medical-grade lasers that are used for hair restoration deliver low-level light at a wavelength that is cool to the touch and pain-free on your scalp. You may briefly experience a tingly sensation when using a laser hair treatment for the first time, but this isn't painful at all, and the sensation rarely lasts for more than a few minutes.

The first home-use laser hair therapy device was pioneered by Hairmax over 20 years ago. Since that time, Hairmax has conducted 7 clinical studies, resulting in 8 FDA Clearances, proving that laser therapy stimulates hair growth with no harmful side effects.


Myth 2: Lasers Only Affect the Skin's Surface, Not the Hair Follicles

Hair Loss

Laser hair therapy stimulates your hair follicles, working beneath the skin's surface to encourage hair growth. The scalp absorbs the focused laser light so it can reach beneath the skin and work on the root of the problem. Laser hair therapy from Hairmax uses medical-grade lasers which are different from LED lights. An LED light lacks the focus and intensity needed for noticeable results, which is why we work exclusively with more powerful medical-grade laser light.

Our Hairmax products feature laser diodes that are placed close together for consistent, uniform delivery of laser light to the follicles. This gives you the coverage that you need for powerful rejuvenation of the hair follicles across your scalp.


Myth 3: You Will Get Immediate Results With Laser Therapy

False: You should expect to wait 12 to 16 weeks to see new hair growth after you've started laser hair therapy. Don't give up on your treatment if your hair still looks the same for the first few months. Stimulating the hair follicles can take time. Once they receive the signal that it's time to move back into the growth phase, your follicles will still need to do the work of producing those hairs. Be patient and keep up with regular treatments.

You should plan to a laser hair therapy device at least three times a week for the best results. After six months of use, Hairmax clinical studies showed a 93% success rate with an average increase of 129 new hairs per square inch of the scalp. Though it can take time, laser hair therapy makes a noticeable difference for most users.


Myth 4: Lasers Can Bring Dead Hair Follicles Back to Life

False: It's important to understand how laser hair therapy works so you can use it properly. This treatment stimulates dormant, weakened follicles that produce miniaturized hair (thin, wispy). Once that hair follicle has died, and no longer produces hair, it cannot be rejuvenated, i.e. shiny bald head, or receding frontal areas. It's best to begin laser hair therapy at the first sign of hair loss and thinning. Laser hair therapy may help you keep the hair you have, reverse the thinning process and regrow fuller, denser hair.


Myth 5: Laser Hair Therapy Is Difficult

Laser hair therapy is very easy and can be used from the comfort of your home. There are several different devices available so you can choose the treatment method that best suits your personal preferences. LaserComb and LaserBands are highly effective as they feature two rows of hair-parting teeth to part your hair, providing a pathway for the laser light to reach your scalp. The LaserComb is used by simply moving it slowly along your scalp, stopping for a few seconds in each position. The LaserBand, covers your scalp from ear to ear. Simply move it incrementally from the front to the back of your scalp.

If you want a hands-free approach, you can also opt for a Laser Cap. These devices sit on your head and deliver laser hair therapy to the entire scalp. Laser Cap devices are recommended for more advanced hair loss, where the hair parting teeth are not needed.


Myth 6: Laser Hair Treatment Is Expensive

Laser hair therapy doesn't cost a fortune. LaserComb devices start at just $199, LaserBands from $549, and Laser Caps from $1299. It’s important to remember that these are one-time purchases, with no ongoing costs. The life span of the devices ranges from 10-15 years, so it’s well worth the investment, knowing you can keep your hair follicles healthy and producing hair for many, many years.

If you're interested in a safe, pain-free method for restoring hair growth, Hairmax laser hair therapy may deliver just what you're after. Combine laser treatments with restorative scalp products and nutritional supplements for the most powerful approach to regaining full, healthy hair.

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