Written Testimonials

Everyone who is looking to buy the Hairmax® Laser Comb should try it
I have such a good results that I have shared this with all of my family and friends. Everything else that I have tried has failed. I have tried very expensive salon treatments, and hair products. I had lost most of my hair because I had extensions for many years. Unfortunately, my hair did not recover well until, I started using the Laser Comb. I have tried numerous hair growth techniques. Vitamins, oils, shampoos, and treatments they seemed to work well for others... But a big a fail for my hair. I had given up hope of ever covering up my bald spots on the sides and the top of my scalp. It has been a few months of using this 4 days a week for 120 seconds. Accept, I do 120 seconds because, I add the top, back crown, and do the front, middle, back top of my head and the upper back section. The instructions say to wait 16 week for results. After about 4 weeks I noticed my hair felt healthier, my hair strands definitely felt thicker and healthier. I had new growth, and I saw more coverage because the current strands are thicker. At two months my hairdresser said she thought my hair looked healthier. This is so exciting, and I can't wait for more hair growth and compliments I am getting about my hair looking healthier. Another happy customer with beautiful hair again!!!
K. Johnson. Female, 51 years old
New hair growth and improved texture in 3 months!
About a year ago I started noticing my pony tail wasn't as thick but I didn't think too much about it. Then around 6 months later my hair started falling out by the handfuls. I always had very thick hair and for the first time I could see my scalp. After a visit to the dermatologist and a scalp biopsy, it was determined that I have androgenic Alopecia. It was devastating to me. After a lot of research, I decided to try the Hair max laser comb. On June 20, 2020 I started using it. I first read and watched the videos on how to use it. I faithfully use it 3 times per week and after just 3 months, I am pleasantly surprised at my results. I have new hair growth all over my head and my hair texture looks so much better! I plan on upgrading to the headband.
- Sherri M.
She noticed again that there were more hair and thicker hair
I was skeptical. But with a moneyback guarantee, what the heck...So, I have been very consistent with using my "crown" every other day for 3-4 minutes. During the lockdown we were not permitted to get a haircut. What was left of my hair grew long. Then, in June, I began to notice some hairs that were only about 3/4". When the salons opened briefly I did get a haircut. you could see that the shorter hairs were new. Late in July (6 months into the routine) we invited our hair stylist over for dinner and haircuts. She noticed again that there were more hair and thicker hair, easier to cut. I am very pleased and plan to continue...
- Mike M., 73 years old
Keep using it; it is working
I have the 41 LaserBand. My 6-month time period is almost up, so I wanted my dermatologist to check my scalp to make sure that what I was seeing was the real deal. After examining my scalp he said, "Keep using it; it is working". He said it has really filled in on the top of my head. He asked if I have to replace it after a certain amount of uses ... Nope .. just buy it once. He asked if it tended to fall off while in use. Nope .. stays on perfectly. Thank you, Hairmax!!
- S.L. Silver
I have become a dedicated believer and feel so lucky to have found Hairmax®
Just wanted to let you know that you can consider me among your many success stories. Although it has only been a little more than two months since I’ve been using my Prima 9 device, myself, my family and my friends can already see the difference in my hair. I just can't even describe into words, the relief and joy I feel, no longer losing my hair. I had m-shaped hair loss and a bald crown, which has now already been filled in with hair. I have become a dedicated believer and feel so lucky to have found Hairmax. Thank you!
- Khalid M.
After 6 months, I definitely started seeing improvement in my thinned out areas on the side and crown
love wearing my hair up high in a bun, but hated seeing patches of scalp on my sides. Now I definitely see less scalp, and am not so self-conscious to wear it up. Overall, I know reversing thinning hair can be time consuming and regimented, but with these results, I will continue to use the system to maintain and regain the loss of my hair.
D.P. Female age 36
My hair dries so fast!
Love this hair towel soft, absorbent, plush and large size. Not a skimpy towel like some and the size is perfect. I have long hair and other brands are not big enough. My hair dries in no time!
Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2020
Just when I thought all hope was gone... my prayers were answered with a LaserBand of Light!
I was beginning to lose all hope. For the last nine months, my hair inexplicably was getting thinner and falling out daily. I would notice more and more hair on the sink counter, in the shower drain, or remaining in my brush. Then I found HairMax. I have to admit I had some initial skepticism, but I decided to give the Hairmax LaserBand a chance.This device best fit my lifestyle primarily because of the cordless, hands-free design as well as the very short time needed for each treatment. I simply use the LaserBand every other day while putting on my makeup. With my mobile lifestyle and as a flight attendant, this device is perfect for me in that it is designed to be completely lightweight, compact, and portable and can be used on the road without having to be recharged every day. Additionally, the Hairmax LaserBand is FDA cleared and that was a huge selling point for me. After only seven weeks of use, I am excited to report that I have observed new, wispy hair growth where it once had been thinning. The overall health and general appearance of my hair has dramatically improved as well. With patience and consistent use, I have no doubt that my hair will continue to increase in volume, coverage, density, and appearance over time using this device. Thank you Hairmax -- I’m already starting to love my hair again!
-Elizabeth L.
It's never too late and I'm 70 years old. I wish I started with the laser treatment earlier
Originally, I was going to buy the product from another company that sold the cap version. However, after much research, I decided to get the 82 laser version from Hairmax. After over 6 months of using the product religiously, I must profess that the product is working very well for me. I used to be able to see my scalp reflected on the mirror. Now, I see less of my scalp and more hair growth. Originally, I was expecting to see a change in 2-3 months, however, I noticed significant changes to my scalp on the 5th month. I did change the way I used the product on the 4th month. I started using the laser every other day rather than 3 times a week as recommended. This way, I was receiving 7 treatments every 2 weeks rather than 6 treatments every 2 weeks. And that is when I noticed better results. I highly recommend this product. It's never too late and I'm 70 years old. I wish I started with the laser treatment earlier.
– Samuel C.
This laser device really saved my life!
Having first signs of androgenic alopecia in my mid-twenties wasn’t a very happy situation. I’m very passionate about my wavy-curly hair and losing it wasn’t my plan for sure. I live in Russia where the only common solution for alopecia is still minoxidil, which is very scary to use. So, I’ve searched for alternatives and read a bunch of researches and studies that led me to HairMax. I’ve purchased my laser comb Prima in January 2018 and have been constantly using it for almost 8 months (4-6 times a week). First visible results were obvious in 3 months but I thought that I just dreaming that up. To be objective and track my progress I’ve visited a trichologist and had a trichoscopy of before and after usage. September control results are unbelievable: hair density and thickness increased approx. 20% both in androgen dependent and non-dependent zones. I was literally crying in my doctor’s office. There are no longer signs of thinning hair. I want to thank Hairmax for such an incredible tool! This laser device really saved my life! Hope my story will help somebody. There IS a great solution to your alopecia, you just have to be patient and disciplined with your HairMax laser device. “Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.’’!
– Klavdiya M.
When I was in my late fifties, I noticed my hair starting to thin
By the time I was sixty (2014), it was so thin that no matter how creatively I tried to style it there were visible bald areas. I tried Rogaine, but had to stop using it because I experienced migraine side effects. I scheduled an appointment with a hair stylist who specialized in hair loss. She had very little success with styling tricks and hair fibers, so she fitted me with a wig. As I was leaving, she asked if I had considered using a laser comb. I told her that I was skeptical about getting results from a laser. She suggested I think about it, because she had seen great success with laser combs, but she told me that you have to be patient waiting for results and not give up prematurely. In 2015, our eldest daughter got married, and I wore my hairpiece to the wedding. After the wedding, I decided that I could not wear it forever. It was itchy and hot, and had a clip in back that bothered me constantly. It was time to give a laser comb a try. My husband is a dermatologist, and he suggested I try the HairMax LaserComb. I ordered the Ultima 12 and began using it three times a week for eight minutes each session. About six months later, I noticed my hair was looking much better. By nine months, I had so much new hair growth that I was able to stop wearing the wig. In 2017, our youngest daughter had a wedding, and I had a lovely hairstyle with my own hair. I recommend the HairMax LaserComb wholeheartedly. Every single day, I appreciate the new hair I've grown, and the freedom of not wearing a wig!
– Barbara G.
LaserBand 82 - Best Product Ever!
I have been using this product for about six months now, the Laser Band along with the shampoo and conditioner. I take my vitamins daily. Not only has my hair become visibly thicker but there is more volume than before. The bald spot in the back of my hair is no longer my bald spot. My thinning hair on the top of my head is no longer thinning. This is the best product ever and a Godsend. Thank you very much HairMax for giving me my hair back!
– Leah E.
For years I had thinning hair and tried every pill, lotion, potion, shampoo, and system there was...
I was embarrassed, ashamed, hopeful, saddened and lost. After reading studies, and comparing units, I figured I would try one last thing before I went the wig route. It's been 6 months, using the LaserBand 3x a week, with the hair care products. I have hair growing all over my head, a pronounced hair line and officially, no longer bald on top of my head! This unit is better than others, not only due to the amount of lights, but due to the combs that separates your hair to get the lights closer to the scalp, and hands free is so much easier. It take just a few minutes, is easy to use, and more importantly, it works.
– Beth M.
I am proud to say I have great bangs again because of your Hairmax® System
Something happened to me charging cradle and I dropped the charger off my nightstand by accident. I saw I can purchase both on your nice website. A while back I had wispy thin bangs. I purchased the HairMax Lux 9 from QVC. I am proud to say I have great bangs again because of your HairMax System. I tell everyone. Hurray!
– Karen C.
I’ve been using Hairmax® for 8 months
In that time I have seen my hair become thicker and denser! I don’t see my scalp showing through as much as I did before, my ponytail is thicker and basically, I just have more hair. I happy with the results. As a salon owner, I would highly recommend Hairmax to my clients and to anyone experiencing hair loss or thinning hair.
– Marjorie D.
Absolute success!!
Started using the Laser 272 8 months ago with a very thin layer of hair in my head. Hair is still growing and I am no longer losing hair nor have a thinning hair problem. Absolute success!! Want to add a word of praise to the service staff for responding very quickly and efficiently to a malfunction I experienced with my battery. The Laser device was completely replaced by a brand new one. Extremely pleased with the first class service and by the excellent results.
- Jose M. Camacho