Don't Let Long Flight Ruin Your Look - Follow These 7 Tips to Care for Your Hair
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Don't Let Long Flight Ruin Your Look - Follow These 7 Tips to Care for Your Hair

Author: SmartXpat 

Have you ever noticed how much damage air travel can do to your hair? Planes rely on recycled dry air, and with high altitude combined with static-prone materials like nylon seat covers, it's no wonder that we often end up looking frazzled from head to toe! Dryness and frizzy flyaways are all too common after a flight.

So, have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to look so put-together on the red carpet after they've been traveling all day? Well with just the right preparation before your departure, you too can flaunt luscious locks - minus having to own a private jet.

To help bring back gloss and glow after a lengthy flight, we've compiled some simple techniques for treating your hair before hitting the tarmac - so you can disembark looking like runway royalty!

1. Prep your hair pre-flight

Before boarding your flight, make sure to take the time for proper hair care. Whether you prefer washing the night before or in the morning, make sure to wash and condition your hair with a nourishing, sulfate free and paraben free shampoo-conditioner combination. Using a moisturizing mask or cream while your mane is still damp will provide deep conditioning and set it up for success.

2. Use hydrating products in flight

For the best onboard hair care, we suggest nourishing both your scalp and your tresses with lightweight serums, oils and leave-in conditioners while in transit. This will help preserve and add moisture to create a beautiful mane!

Tip: To ensure your hair stays healthy and hydrated, don't forget to bring a travel-sized bottle of hydrating hair mask or oil for the journey. 

3. Put it in a loose ponytail or braid in flight

For optimal hair health during your flight, we suggest wearing it in a low ponytail or a loose braid for maximum protection. Avoid tight styles and elastics as those can cause unwanted breakage and damage to your strands and hair follicles, which could result in hair loss. 

To protect natural textures, try wrapping your tresses with either satin or silk headscarf which will help reduce frizziness and flyaways.  

4. Drink a lot of water

Boarding a plane is an extremely dehydrating experience, as the cabin is filled with cold dry air. If left unchecked, such arid conditions can rapidly deplete your skin and hair of the moisture they need to stay healthy - particularly on long-haul flights! Therefore, make sure you drink plenty of water while traveling so that both your body (and appearance) remain in tip-top condition throughout the journey.

5. Use a silk pillowcase or a microfiber towel

If you are embarking on a lengthy flight, it is an ideal opportunity to relax and take a break. Sadly, the most comfortable bedding often isn't allowed in-flight; thus we suggest you bring along your own silk pillowcase or microfiber towel with you for the journey! Cotton pillowcases and hotel room terry cloth towels can be rougher on one's hair which can cause damage such as breaks, frizziness, and tangles - all of which nobody wants!


6. Refresh Post-Flight

After arriving at your destination, give your hair the attention it deserves. Revive those limp locks post-flight by spritzing some hairspray throughout your mane; this will add luster and ensure that you look great all day long.


7. Pack a laser hair growth device to keep hair growing strong

Laser therapy is a great way to keep your hair follicles activated and stimulated for hair growth. Treatments are quick and easy, and are required to be used 3 days a week to keep your follicles in their best health. Don't neglect your follicles while you're away from home - pick up an Ultima 9 LaserComb from Hairmax. It's no bigger than a hair brush, lightweight, and can be carried in your purse, carry-on bag, or checked-in luggage. Best of all, it's FDA Cleared and Clinically Proven to reverse thinning and stimulate denser, fuller hair growth. 

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