Buying a Laser Comb for Hair Growth – Know The Facts
Posted by Fran Dubsky

There are many laser combs advertised on the internet that say, “money back guarantee”, “covered under warranty”, ”low price”, etc. However, it is vitally important to learn the following information about each one of them before you make a decision to buy. All laser phototherapy devices on the market are NOT the same.

  1.  Are the manufactures of these devices reputable? Many have a mail drop address and therefore do not disclose where they operate from.
  2. Have clinical studies been carried out to prove that they work and have results of clinical studies if carried out been published in a reputable scientific journal?
  3. Do any of these devices have FDA Clearance for Marketing based on a formal 510(k) submission?
  4. Do these devices have a money back guarantee (when purchased from the manufacturer)?
  5. Do these devices have warranty coverage if anything goes wrong with them?
  6. Are these devices manufactured under strict quality controls subject to constant government oversight?

 Again, it is vital for you to know that there is only 1 laser phototherapy device for hair growth on the market that satisfies ALL of these requirements, and that is the HairMax LaserComb. No other laser phototherapy device for hair growth on the market meets all of these requirements as listed above.

The only way to guarantee consistent quality of a device is when the FDA has cleared it for marketing. When that occurs, strict quality and manufacturing standards are put into place that must be adhered to and that are subject to strict government over-site. Again, ONLY the HairMax has this FDA clearance and that clearance is ONLY for the HairMax and no other laser phototherapy device of its kind.

Always keep in mind the tried and true expression when you are considering a laser for hair growth – “Buyer Beware”. Know ALL of the facts before you make this important investment – and discover for yourself why the HairMax should be the obvious and only choice.

Written By: Leonard Stillman, Contributing Author
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