Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?
Posted by Fran Dubsky

A very interesting article was published in the New York Times newspaper on August 26, 2010 as to whether there is a connection between hair loss and stress. Dr. Maria Hordinsky, a noted dermatologist from the University of Minnesota discussed this issue and below are excerpts of her comments.

“Experimental evidence to decisively link stress and alopecia (hair loss) has been lacking. It is easy to link alopecia with stress, as many but not all patients associate stressful events with the development of hair loss. Moreover, there are a lot of nerves in and around the hair follicles. The actions of these nerves, as well as various nervous system products called neuropeptides, could affect the hair growth cycle.”

“In addition to being a highly innervated structure in the skin, the human hair follicle is able to synthesize and secrete cortisol, a stress-related hormone. Cortisol, like other hormones, is regulated by a complex feedback process that starts in the brain and involves glands throughout the body, ………………..The relatively recent finding of an extra-adrenal site of cortisol synthesis in the human hair follicle places the follicle in a unique position to be able to respond to stress.”

“More clinical and basic science research work on the relationship between stress and alopecia needs to be done.”

While the HairMax LaserComb is indicated to successfully treat hereditary hair loss, many people have chosen to treat their hair loss due to stressful events. They have reported that the device has helped them to regrow healthier and more vibrant looking hair.


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