Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy on the Hair Follicle and Hair Falling Out
Posted by Fran Dubsky

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) has been recognized for some time now, as an effective treatment of a variety of ailments and in all fields of medicine.  Over 2,500 research papers have been published to date exploring the use of laser therapy in the fields of medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, and for the treatment of hair falling out.

Hair falling out is due to a number of factors, the most important of which is hereditary.  If your mother or father has hair falling out, there is a good chance you will too.  When you first notice hair falling out, what is occurring in hereditary hairloss, is the hairs are miniaturizing, shrink and become fine and wispy. 

The follicles either continue to produce miniaturized hairs which are shed, or in many cases the hair follicle is still alive, but goes dormant and no hair falling out from those follicles is noticed. 

There are 2 drugs that are FDA approved for treating hair falling out, but only 1 is approved for women.  This is where LLLT comes into play as an effective and safe non-drug alternative.  So, how does LLT work to regrow hair and prevent further hair falling out?

The energy of LLLT does not produce heat, rather LLLT works on a protein in the energy generator cells, the mitochondria, to stimulate energy to the cells similar to the action of photosynthesis in plants. Using specific wavelengths, power, and intensity such as that contained in LLLT devices such as the HairMax LaserComb; new hair can be stimulated to grow.

What is most important to know is that LLLT cannot and does not damage hair cells when you are treating hair falling out.  Since no heat is produced, no damage will occur to structures that influence hair regrowth.  There are many, many types of lasers that have different activity, including those that give off heat and destroy hair follicles for hair REMOVAL.  LLLT, the laser energy emitted by the HairMax LaserComb is ideal for treating hair falling out, because it is designed with the exact specific wavelength, power, and intensity to stimulate and NOT alter hair follicles. If you were to stop treatment of your hair falling out, your hair would return to where it had been had you not been treating it with LLLT.  Finally, the safety of LLLT has been proven in numerous studies in men and women with hair falling out. In the case of the HairMax LaserComb, the FDA has granted Clearance for marketing as an OTC which also attests to its safety.


In conclusion, when you decide to treat your hair loss with LLLT instead of drugs, make sure that the device has FDA Clearance, and adheres to ALL quality controls required in their manufacture. As an example, he HairMax LaserComb, has been exhaustively tested, rigidly adheres to quality standards, and has been found to not only work on hair falling out, but to have an excellence safety record, since no serious side effects have ever been reported – it is also the only device of its kind with FDA OTC Clearance for both men and women.

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