Famous People with Hair Loss
Posted by Fran Dubsky

We all know that from time in memoriam, people who experienced hair loss have tried all sorts of remedies to regrow their hair. However, what may not be apparent is that so many important, historical figures were bald, and they have left a lasting impression on society. Here are a few of them.

While we do not know if any of these famous people tried to regrow their hair, we do know that throughout time, a plethora of hair lotions and potions were used to try to grow hair, but of course they did not work.

Fortunately today, there are some effective products to regrow hair such as the HairMax LaserComb so that perhaps in the future there will be less famous ‘bald’ men.

Who knows if we would have ever heard of King Charles referred to as Charles the Bald if he had the HairMax to use when he first started to lose his hair.

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