Hair Loss Awareness Month and the 5 Myths of Male and Female Pattern Baldness
Posted by Fran Dubsky

August has been proclaimed Hair Loss Awareness Month by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).  The AAD is the largest, most influential and most representative dermatology group in the United States. With a membership of more than 17,000, it represents virtually all practicing dermatologists in the United States.

The American Academy of Dermatology designated August as Hair Loss Awareness Month. “Across the country and around the world, hair loss is an inevitable part of life for many individuals and can be frustrating or downright devastating. By promoting awareness in August each year, The Academy of Dermatology would like to emphasize the fact that you don’t have to hide the problem.”

Did you know that male and female baldness affects 80 million individuals in the United States alone?  Male pattern baldness has been the subject of lots of late night humor and jokes.  However, to men and also women suffering from hair loss, it is no laughing matter.  Male and female pattern baldness can devastate the lives of people with the affliction, so it is important to know the facts about male and female pattern baldness during Hair Loss Awareness Month.

Myth #1:  Hair loss is inevitable, so it is best to use a hat for men or a wig for women to hide it.

Facts:  There are presently 2 drugs, minoxidil and Propecia and 1 non-drug medical device, HairMax LaserComb that have FDA imprimatur for treating male pattern baldness and 1 drug for females, minoxidil for female pattern baldness.  There are also other drugs that do not have FDA approval, but can be used to effectively treat the condition.

Therefore, no one has to suffer in silence when they have male and female baldness and resort to disguising it with hats or wig.

Myth #2:  Only drugs are effective for treating male and female pattern hair loss.

Fact:  The non-drug HairMax LaserComb, has been proven to effectively and safely treat male and female baldness in both men and women.  You do not have to subject yourself to drugs to effectively treat your condition if you don’t want to.

Myth #3:  Male and female baldness is an aesthetic condition and it is best to avoid treating it since the risks of side effects outweigh the benefit of treating it.

Facts:  While both minoxidil and Propecia have proven to effectively treat male and female pattern baldness there have been reports of have serious side effects occurring, so there is a need to weight the risks to the benefits of their use.  On the other hand, there has never been a report of any serious side effects occurring from the use of the HairMax LaserComb to treat male and female baldness, so this device has a good risk to benefit ratio.

Deciding which treatment to use always should involve assessing the risk to benefit of using a therapy.

Myth #4:  It is best to wait until you are really bald before doing something about it.

Fact:   You can and should start treating male and female baldness the early stages of male and female pattern baldness before it gets so bad that there are no follicles left to rejuvenate.

Male and female baldness is classified using the Norwood Hamilton Classification for men and the Ludwig (Savin) Classification for women in the charts below.


Norwood Hamilton Classification

Ludwig (Savin) Classification

Clinical studies with Propecia (RX) for the treatment of male and female pattern baldness have been found effective for use to treat mild to moderate hair loss of the vertex (top of the head)  . OTC Minoxidil has also been proven effective for treatment of men and women who have a general thinning of hair on the top of the scalp. It is not intended for frontal baldness or a receding hairline.   The HairMax LaserComb has been found to be safe and effective for treating the early and moderate stages of male and female pattern baldness as pictured above in the shaded areas in the pictures above.

So, the earlier you start to treat male and female baldness is the best time to see the best results.

Myth #5:  I can use vitamins and supplements alone to effectively treat male and female baldness.

Fact:  While vitamins and supplements are always a good option to help maintain hair health, they have never been proven when used alone to effectively treat male and female baldness.  However, they are a wise choice when used in conjunction with other proven treatments such as the HairMax LaserComb which is proven to effectively and safely treat male and female pattern baldness.

We hope that this posting will promote awareness in August about the myths involved with male and female pattern baldness.  There are a number of options available that can be used, so you can do something about it – you don’t have to suffer with and try to hide the problem anymore!


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