Hair Loss Vitamins
Posted by Fran Dubsky
Hair Loss Vitamins

For many men, the first sign of hair loss can feel like the death knell of youth. A casual peek in the mirror that reveals a (seemingly) rapidly receding hairline, bald spot, or hair thinning can seem like an instant transition from “young guy” to “old man.”

It’s not true, of course—but that provides little comfort in the moment.

A thick, healthy head of hair is connected with an intrinsic sense of vitality and vigor; the loss of which can feel like a slow loss of self. Hair loss is not merely an issue of visible aesthetics—it can shake a man’s confidence and self-esteem, affecting the quality of his personal and professional life.

That’s why it’s important that once you observe the first signs of hair loss in the mirror, you take action steps to mitigate it.


Twenty years ago, FDA accredited options to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth were limited to drug treatments, Minoxidil and Propecia. Fortunately, with the introduction of the FDA Cleared HairMax laser device we have turned the tide when it comes to treating hair loss and promoting hair growth.  No longer were you required to use topical or oral drugs, but could now promote hair growth without drugs or harmful side effects. Along with options such as HairMax laser light treatment, there are also a variety hair care products, vitamins and dietary supplements that help support the growth of new hair.

Dietary supplements with ingredients such as Biotin, Manganese, and Folic Acid help combat hair thinning, splitting, and brittleness and help support scalp health.  And, most intriguing; Saw Palmetto, which prevents the breakdown of testosterone into DHT. DHT sensitivity is a common culprit in eventual hair loss.

The variety of hair loss remedies has vastly expanded since the 1990’s. It’s a far cry from the narrow avenues in the past that men could choose from when facing hair loss.


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