Hair Restoration Surgery and/or Hair Loss Treatments
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As I explain in my new book, Hair Loss Dossier: The Big Lie on the Causes, Cures, Treatments and Scams, most providers in the field of treating hair loss are dedicated professionals who strive to provide the best answers to this common problem.

However, misleading advertising can offer confusing and incorrect information. Additionally, only one who has studied the science and all of the options are truly capable of knowing all the answers. As they say, “to a hammer, everything is a nail!”

Hair transplant surgery, FDA-approved hair loss drugs, low level laser light therapy (LHT), platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP), scalp micro pigmentation (SMP), nutritionals and more are valid options - assuming you’ve done your research and chosen the right products and providers.

In my 35+ years in this field, I have been fortunate to have worked with the best: exceptional hair surgeons, technicians, artists, and support staff. I make it my priority to offer recommendations to the many men and women who contact me with questions about their hair loss problem. 


Many of us look for the “latest and greatest” technology in medical treatments.  However, as hair is a precious, non-renewable commodity, the best use of your time is to learn how further loss can be prevented. Common hair loss is degenerative conditions which can be halted. Skilled, experienced, hair surgeons can move hair from an “abundant” area to one that has thinned…safely and un-detectably.

However, this means there is no treatment today that actually adds new hair. It cannot be donated from another person and despite intensive research, no method exists to create new hair follicles. You have a finite amount of hair.  Keeping what you have and maximizing quality and volume should be your focus. Beware of “miracle products” or treatments that tell you different. Do your homework (or, simply read my book).

There are great methods to make major cosmetic changes to the hair’s volume, distribution and quality and amazing work is being provided today by dedicated professionals. There are no secrets to uncover. The “cure for hair loss would be front-page news, worldwide!.

It is paramount for the hair loss sufferer to do his/her research before undertaking a treatment method, most of which can be found in Hair Loss Dossier. Often a combined treatment regimen will get the best results. Hair restoration surgeons and clinicians will explain to the patient the importance of long-term planning when undertaking any method.

Hair restoration can be expensive. However, like any investment, research is needed to know the best path to follow. Having worked with Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LHT) for more than 15 years, I consider it the most important adjunct or stand-alone treatment for any hair restoration plan.

Products that provide this treatment are varied and the cost of home devices run the gamut. As one might expect, the most expensive device is not necessarily the best choice. I focus on published research, FDA-approval…specifically backing up claims… and $-Value!

Having been involved in the design and owner of my own laser company, I am now a spokesman for the HairMax® product line. They are the undisputed leader of research for hair growth lasers and now distribute their products worldwide.

I would advise anyone considering hair growth treatments…either as a safe and effective stand-alone treatment or in combination with medical procedures to invest in one of the HairMax® collection of proven products.

John Vincent

John Vincent.
President and CEO of Advantage Studios, Inc
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