HairMax Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Posted by Francesca Dubsky
HairMax Celebrates 20th Anniversary
From the pioneer in home-use laser hair growth technology to the global leader, over the past 2 decades HairMax has revolutionized the hair loss treatment landscape. It's been a trail-blazing journey, as HairMax has become much more than just a product, it’s grown to include a full range of laser hair growth devices and line high performing hair care products. 

We’re looking forward to continued growth & excellence, so that we can continue to enrich the lives of hair loss sufferers around the world.  

 “We can’t wait to get started on the next 20 years - We’ve only just begun to grow!” David Michaels

David and Alena have led the company from two people to a world wide team with numerous domestic and international partners. The passion for helping others experience a renewed life has never wavered and only strengthened throughout the years.

Passion flows through all that we do at HairMax! 

David Michaels, Founder & Managing Director

Alena Michaels, Founder

Interview: David Michaels shares why he started HairMax,  what the past 20 years have looked like, and what his vision for the future is.

This year we celebrate HairMax’s 20th Anniversary. What thoughts and emotions come to mind when you think about that?

I can’t believe how quickly 20 years went by. When I started the company in 2000, the HairMax LaserComb was mentioned as one of Time Magazine’s Inventions of the year. What a way to start! I started this company with 3 employees, one device and one objective in mind – to help people treat their hair loss and regrow their hair. Over the 20 years, we achieved that and so much more. We’ve grown into an international company with partners around the world. We’ve sold almost 2 million devices, and have a full line of devices and hair care to help people with all their hair concerns. 

HairMax technology has achieved so many firsts in the last 20 years. Name some of the brand milestones and tell us which milestone you find most rewarding? Which milestone do you feel was the most impactful for the brand.

Yes, we have achieved many milestones! I would have to say that being the first home use hair growth laser device on the market to be granted FDA Clearance is certainly one of the high points …. This clearance as a medical device for BOTH safety and efficacy established HairMax as the Global Leader and Pioneer in Laser Hair Regrowth. Other milestones include our unprecedented 7 clinical studies and our 14 medical device licenses worldwide. Backed with our immense scientific data, clinical results, and proof of efficacy, these milestones propelled HairMax as the choice of physicians, hair restoration clinics and ultimately a direct to consumer brand.

What made you start HairMax?  Where did you draw inspiration in order to start and build this life enriching brand?

As with most important products, they usually come about by someone trying to fill a need. In my case, the need was a treatment for my hair loss. I was 35 years old and had already been experiencing hair loss for five years. I had tried everything from topical solutions (which I found to be very inconvenient and messy - my hair looked worse than ever!) to vitamin supplements. Nothing worked. Then I heard about a laser. I learned that it is a safe, effective therapy to treat hair loss without any reported side effects at a clinic in Australia that had positive results.

I started laser hair growth treatments at a Hair Clinic. Soon after I started treatments my hair became thicker and fuller, my hair loss subsided and I regrew a significant amount of lost hair. I also experienced a dramatic improvement in the condition of my hair and my dandruff also subsided. I was so amazed at the results but realized that these treatments, because of the cost and inconvenience of visiting a clinic several times a week would not be accessible to most people.
I began a working relationship with the founder of the Laser Hair Clinic, who was a pioneer in the use of Laser Phototherapy for hair. We joined efforts to develop an affordable laser therapy device for hair loss so everyone could experience the same exciting results that I had experienced.
After several years of research, design and development, our efforts resulted in the first HairMax Laser Device.

The HairMax Team reaches all corners of the world. What makes your Team and Partners so passionate about their jobs and the brand?

Yes, with our U.S. based corporate office and our partners reaching the far corners of the world, including Taiwan, China, Panama, Brazil, Poland, United Kingdom, Australia, HairMax is represented around the world. Our team members believe in our products, they understand the importance of the clinical studies and the life-changing benefits they bring to people. They see and hear first hand how HairMax restores hair growth and truly enriches peoples’ lives. Our company motto is “We Care”, and our team members bring this spirit to their jobs. When you are confident about the products - your enthusiasm and passion show.

What has been the most rewarding factor in the success of HairMax?

The most rewarding aspect is knowing that we are helping people. We genuinely care about people and understand the affect hair loss can have on them. When we hear HairMax success stories, it makes all our efforts worthwhile.  We get phone calls, letters and emails daily of people telling us how HairMax has changed their hair and their lives for the better. Knowing that our products enrich the lives of our customers is by far, the most rewarding factor for me. Hair loss is not a happy subject, most people struggle with it at some point. How has HairMax helped “shine the light” and make this once taboo subject something that people can face head on …. With optimism and hope - knowing there’s a treatment that could really help them regrow their hair.

Before the launch of HairMax, people had few hair loss treatment options available to them. There were only 2 FDA approved treatments for men, (Minoxdil and Propecia) both are drug treatments. For women, there was only Minoxdil.  These treatments often came with adverse side effects.

We brought to market the FIRST non drug, clinically proven, FDA Cleared treatment ever!  We opened the conversation for people to talk about their hair loss concerns. We let them know that they were not alone, that over 80 million people in the US alone suffer with hair loss. We started the conversation with women, who truly felt un-seen as a hair loss sufferer. We understand that hair loss is a very emotional subject that affects people very deeply. We know that they have probably searched and tried various other products with little or no success. There are many fly by night companies out there offering treatments and products that don’t work – they suddenly disappear, leaving their customers feeling scammed. We make a difference by providing a safe treatment for hair loss that really works. In fact, clinical study data shows a over 90% success rate with the average increase in hair count of 129 additional new hairs per sq in. That’s thousands of new hairs growing – ultimately what people want. More hair, fuller, denser hair growth – that’s the difference HairMax makes.

We made the treatment as quick and as easy as possible so they didn’t have to take time out of their busy day. HairMax products become a relaxing part of your lifestyle. We brought hope to people who thought that their good hair days were behind them.

Finally, we know you love your hometown of Boca Raton, what makes it the perfect place for HairMax Headquarters? 

The people, the weather and THE BEACH. Actually, Boca Raton is the perfect location for HairMax. Located mid-way between West Palm Beach and Miami, we have access to many cultures and diversity. We are just a few hours drive from the Orlando area, home of over 150 international companies and where industry leaders are either headquartered or have a significant presence. With three international airports within an hour’s drive, two Interstate 95 highway exchanges, and nearby access to rail and ports, Delray Beach has resources in place to help our existing businesses expand into international trade markets and compete on a global scale.

What excites you most about the future of HairMax? What new innovations are in the works? What is your vision for growing HairMax.

What excites me most about the future is the evolving technology. There are no limits. We have created a brand that encompasses many fields – health, wellness, beauty, anti-aging, technology. We manufacture products that help both men and women look better and feel better. We are always working on innovating and have many new products lined up, including combination treatments, new wavelengths and additional light-based therapies. We can’t wait to get started on the next 20 years - we’ve only just begun to grow!


Our international partners and distributors share in our excitement. Here is a short message from just a few of those that have worked with us over the years. Here's to 20 More! 

Visit: and discover the difference HairMax can make in your hair & your LIFE! 

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