Hairmax Lasercomb Expands International Presence With Approval By The Egyptian Ministry Of Health.
Posted by Fran Dubsky

Press Release (PDF)

Lexington Int’l announces approval by the Egyptian Ministry of Health for the three models of the HairMax LaserComb® as a home-use laser phototherapy device to promote hair growth and treat hair loss.

Boca Raton,FL (Oct 05, 2011) - Lexington International, LLC, developer and manufacturer of the HairMax LaserComb is pleased to announce that the HairMax LaserComb has been approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Health to market the three models of the device in that country, the HairMax Advanced 7, the Lux 9, and the Professional 12. With this approval, Egyptians now have a new and effective non-drug treatment option to treat their hair loss in the privacy and convenience of their home. The HairMax is the only home use laser phototherapy device proven effective the treatment of certain classes of hereditary hair loss in males and females and is US FDA Class 2 Cleared for marketing.

The approval was based on results of major clinical studies of men and women suffering from the most common form of hair loss, Androgenetic Alopecia. The results of these studies showed a statistically significant increase in mean terminal hair density of subjects on the HairMax LaserComb vs. those on the control device. The study also found that 93% of the subjects using the HairMax LaserComb experienced hair regrowth. During the study, no serious or adverse side effects occurred.

Treatment of hair loss is part of the hair care market in Egypt. Data Monitor reports that the market for hair care in that country increased at a compound annual growth rate of 4.9% between 2004 and 2009. Euromonitor International reports that the hair care category sales in Egypt in 2009 reached USD1.5 billion. This category remains extremely popular in Egypt, as men and women there view hair as the most important personal feature when it comes to their appearance. This makes Egypt an ideal market opportunity for the HairMax LaserComb..

David Michaels, Managing Director of Lexington states; “The introduction of the HairMax in Egypt continues our marketing efforts for the HairMax LaserComb in the Middle East where we currently have significant sales for the device in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia . Achieving the Ministry of Health’s approval enables the HairMax to reach a wider audience of people suffering from hair loss in the Middle East.”

Mr. Michaels further stated, “Lexington will continue to pursue additional international medical device registrations to assure further availability of the HairMax LaserComb® to the millions of people suffering from hair loss around the world.”

About Lexington International, LLC

Based in Boca Raton, Lexington International is a manufacturer and developer of advanced medical laser devices to treat hair loss and scalp disorders. Lexington International markets the only laser phototherapy device which has published results of clinical trial proving efficacy and safety in a peer review journal. The company, was one of just 14 leading manufacturing exporting companies nationwide to receive the 2009 U.S. President’s “E” Award, which recognizes successes in world markets and subsequent contributions to the U.S. economy. Over the past 8 years and in over 155 countries worldwide, Lexington Int., LLC has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to treat their hair condition and enrich their lives.



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