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Posted by Fran Dubsky

Lexington since its inception has been committed to expending significant resources to prove the efficacy of the HairMax is rigorous blinded studies comparing the device to a control.  Now, the results of this commitment have paid off, as we now have efficacy results from 6 studies and 3 FDA Clearances which no other company marketing laser phototherapy devices for hair loss has.  Below are the impressive results of the HairMax from the recently completed studies.

Note the consistency of the HairMax in the changes in hair count for both males and females which are scientifically and medically significant.  It is important to realize that these are averages and that some males experienced an increase of over 50 hairs and females experienced an increase of over 40 hairs.  (Please note we do not yet have Clearance for marketing the HairMax for the treatment of AGA in females, but we anticipate that the FDA will clear the HairMax for this indication soon).  These date show that the results from the first trial that led to initial Clearance from the FDA can be replicated over and over again which is important in proving consistent and predictable response.

The real ‘meat and potatoes’ of the efficacy of the HairMax  is the results found from the 6 studies that had 460 participants and below are those results:



Once again, the results of all trials are consistent and predictable and offer overwhelming and conclusive proof that the HairMax works consistently in a large number of subjects.  These are the results people with hair loss are looking for and we are the only ones who have the proven power to change and enrich their lives.

In closing, Lexington had the long term vision and focus to be the unquestionable leader in marketing laser phototherapy devices for hair loss by focusing on generating successful outcomes of clinical trials that would provide irrefutable evidence of the efficacy of the HairMax.  These results have now come to pass and show that the HairMax should without a doubt be considered THE first line treatment for hair loss. 

Written By: Leonard Stillman, Contributing Author

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