HairMax Offers a Guide to Beautiful, Healthy Hair Growth, In Recognition of National Hair Loss Awareness Month
Posted by Fran Dubsky
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Hereditary hair loss is a common disorder that affects 80 million men and women in the United States alone. In recognition of Hair Loss Awareness Month, HairMax® has created a Guide to Beautiful, Healthy Hair Growth, with helpful tips to help keep your hair healthy, strong and looking its best.

Boca Raton - August 4, 2015 August has been designated National Hair Loss Awareness Month by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) to raise awareness about this treatable condition that affects 80 million men and women in the USA. While hair loss is not a considered a serious medical condition, it can certainly impact the quality of ones’ life. Men may start losing their hair as early as their 20’s. Women will often experience hair loss as they age, some as young as their late 30’s, frequently worsening with the onset of menopause. HairMax understands that hair loss is deeply personal and intensely emotional. The good news is that hair loss and thinning can be treated successfully if treatment is started early.

In order to increase awareness about effective ways to help take control of your hair loss and help promote healthy hair growth, we are offering a free copy of The HairMax E-Guide to Beautiful, Healthy Hair Growth.

This informative guide includes important information on diet, foods, dietary supplements and hair care tips for those suffering with hair loss and thinning hair. The guide features the HairMax collection of hair loss treatments and hair growth products including FDA Cleared HairMax laser devices and a money saving coupon that can be used for all HairMax purchases.

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Laser treatments are the only FDA cleared, non-drug treatment for hereditary hair loss and the promotion of hair growth. If you are considering starting laser treatment for your hair loss it is important that you know the 5 key reasons why HairMax laser devices are the ideal choice.

Reason # 1 - Extensive Research – HairMax has conducted more studies on light energy for hair growth than any other company to date. HairMax laser devices have been the subject of 7 clinical trials with over 460 men and women. Over 90% of the clinical study participants experienced significant hair growth. HairMax laser devices are the ONLY devices with results of these clinical studies published in 4 peer-reviewed medical journals.

Reason # 2 - Long Record of Safety - HairMax laser devices have never caused any serious side effects in both clinical trials or in actual use by over a half a million men and women.

Reason #3 - Best Energy Source - HairMax laser devices utilize medical grade lasers which are proven to regrow hair, and do not contain LED’s which have NOT been proven to regrow hair by themselves.

Reason #4. Patented Designs - HairMax has harnessed the groundbreaking benefits of laser phototherapy and combined it with our exclusive patented hair-parting mechanism. Since hair is a natural photo protectant which blocks light from reaching the scalp, the patented teeth mechanism, parts the hair to allow for the maximum delivery of laser light energy to the follicles in order to achieve optimal results. Together, they work to revitalize and restore your hair to its fullest potential. Without the teeth mechanism, laser energy can be blocked from reaching the scalp, which could compromise results.

Reason # 5 – Affordablility - HairMax lasers are a stand-alone treatment. They are a one-time purchase with no ongoing costs. A range of laser devices are available to fit every budget with prices starting at $295

In addition to laser devices, HairMax offers a full range of products including HairMax for density, sulfate free, low pH Shampoo, gentle light-weight Conditioner, Scalp exfoliating Revitalizer, Follicle boosting Activator and HairMax Dietary supplements targeted for thinning hair.

About Lexington International, LLC

Based in Boca Raton, Lexington Int’l is a pioneer in the development of advanced laser hair loss treatments and hair growth products. The HairMax Laser devices are the only laser phototherapy medical devices with 7 FDA Clearances for the treatment of hereditary hair loss in both men and women. HairMax laser devices are the only laser phototherapy devices to have clinical studies results proving efficacy and safety, published in four peer-review medical journals. Since 2001, in over 170 countries worldwide, Lexington Int’l., LLC has helped over half a million individuals treat their hair loss and improve the condition of their hair and enrich their lives.

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