Huda Kattan opens up about her struggle with balding and hair loss
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Huda Kattan opens up about her struggle with balding and hair loss

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Huda Kattan is opening up about a beauty woe that's plagued her for years: hair loss.

In a raw new video, the makeup mogul reveals that she's dealt with balding and hair loss for years, and gets honest about some of the ways she's coped.

The makeup artist is known for her lively YouTube tutorials and popular cosmetics line, Huda Beauty, but behind the scenes, Kattan has struggled with various forms of hair loss for the past 10 years. So, why did she decide to share her story now? To normalize the common beauty woe, she says.

"It's really important that we take away the shame associated with female hair loss and hair balding. It's just another beauty issue that we all can get through as soon as we start to feel more comfortable talking about it," she told viewers in the new video.



Over the years, Kattan has experienced hair loss as a result of PCOS, a common hormone disorder, but a recent balding incident in particular inspired her to speak out. The makeup artist had recently started wearing a lot of ponytails since her generally sensitive hair can't tolerate much styling. Soon enough, she noticed that a lot of hair started falling out and her hairstylist found a bald spot.

Worried about how far it would spread, Kattan went "into overdrive" and started to research ways to nip her hair loss in the bud and create hair growth. "I was shocked at how fast the hair started growing back; it was literally insane. Within a week, the bald spot was gone," she said.

Kattan has dealt with this type of male pattern baldness towards the front of her head for years, and let viewers in on the following tricks she's used to cope:


  • Cover up small patchy spots with eye shadow: Kattan uses a dense brush to camouflage any spotty areas. "I sometimes mix it with a little bit of keratin or hair growth serum, and then it would really stick. And that would kind of help my hair follicles grow, too," she said.


  • Create a healthy scalp: To encourage circulation and hair growth, Kattan has tried both topical and ingestible vitamins. And while they're not a cure-all, she's found that they "can definitely improve hair growth." Some vitamins are so effective, that she's also noticed her lashes grow more. "Full disclosure, they will make you grow hair everywhere else, so if you've lasered you'll have to laser again," she said.


  • Red light therapy: Kattan also turns to devices with red light therapy to stimulate hair growth.


  • Slow down on the blowouts: Kattan has learned from experience that tugging at your hair can weaken your strands, and regular blowouts can particularly wreak havoc. "When you're experiencing hair loss, that small amount of tugging is not going to help reduce that hair loss," she said.


The makeup mogul also advised her followers to be patient and try one product at a time to see what helps with their hair loss. "I don't like to try too many things at once. I like to try one thing, see how it works and then add the other thing. If (you have any side effects), you just want to know what the root of the problem is," she said.

Kattan hopes her honesty helps her online followers realize that we all deal with certain health and beauty woes from time to time: "On Instagram, we paint this perfect picture with how things are. I want you guys to know the reality that goes into it and that nothing is as what it seems."


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