Introducing High Performance HairMax for Thinning Hair and Scalp Treatments
Posted by Fran Dubsky
Press Release (PDF)

HairMax introduces HairMax® for den•si•ty’, a collection of innovative hair care products, specifically designed for thinning hair and the optimization of scalp health.

Nov. 5, 2013 - BOCA RATON, Fla. -- Boca Raton, FL - Lexington, Int’l, an established leader in Hair Growth, Hair Care and Hair Science, has been a pioneer in the development of advanced hair loss treatments and hair growth products since the introduction of the HairMax LaserComb® in 2001. The home-use HairMax LaserComb remains the only laser light hair growth device for home-use with FDA Clearance to treating hereditary hair loss and the stimulation of hair growth in both men and women.

Expanding on their expertise in hair loss, Lexington brings a scientific approach to hair care by combining leading edge technologies and innovative formulas specifically targeted for hair growth.

HairMax for den•si•ty collection is a full line of high performance, professional strength products that are specifically targeted for thinning hair and to optimize scalp health. Formulated by a team of researchers and hair loss specialists, with innovative ingredients known to help increase hair density and support hair growth. These formulas work together to help Cleanse, Restore, Revitalize and Fortify hair hair follicles for thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair. This new collection can be purchased at, prestige retailers and premium salons and spas.

Each product is designed to provide powerful hair growth benefits. They can be used separately or together with the HairMax LaserComb for a comprehensive follicle boosting hair loss treatment.

HairMax for den•si•ty Shampoo – The high performance, sulfate free shampoo cleanses, restores vitality, thickness and volume to hair. The lower pH, purifying formula gently exfoliates the scalp and removes build-up of sebum, styling products and environmental pollutants.

The Shampoo is infused with DHT blockers to help eliminate a major cause of hair loss, and anti-oxidants to restore and optimize scalp health. Therapeutic botanicals help restore balance and enhance hair vitality.

HairMax for den•si•ty Revitalizer – This scalp treatment deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates the scalp, dissolving excess sebum, perspiration and environmental pollutants that can clog hair follicles. This formula contains anti-oxidants that restore and optimize scalp health. An invigorating blend of menthol and peppermint oil leaves the scalp feeling refreshed and revitalized.

HairMax for den•si•ty Conditioner – This product is a sulfate-free, botanically infused conditioner that deeply hydrates strands, retaining moisture to strength and protect hair. This lightweight formula rinses free, leaving no residue behind. HairMax for den•si•ty Conditioner restores vitality and leaves hair full, silky and more manageable. This scientific blend of ingredients contains argan oil which is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It also contains a blend of plant extracts and nutrients that help strength and fortify hair. Finally, to maximize hydration, this Conditioner has moisture locking polymers.

HairMax for den•si•ty Activator – This breakthrough, high performance, leave-in serum treatment is designed to fortify and enrich the scalp. This unique peptide complex is loaded with a proprietary blend of follicle boosting ingredients to nourish the scalp and encourage naturally thicker, stronger, healthier hair. Niacinimide helps to promote overall scalp health, and anti-oxidants help to restore strength and reduce breakage.

This entire collection is safe for chemically or color treated hair.

Mr. David Michaels, Managing Director of the company said: “We are pleased to expand the HairMax line with the introduction of this group of high performance products specifically designed for hair thinning and scalp health.” Mr. Michaels further stated: “This is another example of our dedication to introducing hair care products, that will further solidify our position as a world-wide leaders in the treatment of hair disorders including hair loss, to help enrich peoples’ lives.”

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Based in Boca Raton, Lexington International an established leader in Hair Growth, Hair Care and Hair Science, is a pioneer in the development of advanced hair loss treatments and hair growth products. Over the past 12 years and in over 165 countries worldwide, Lexington Int., LLC has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to treat their hair condition.(

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