LaserComb or Laser Cap? Which Hair Treatment Device Is Best For You?
Posted by Isis Martinez
LaserComb or Laser Cap? Which Hair Treatment Device Is Best For You?

LaserComb or LaserCap? Which Hair Treatment Device Is Best For You?

If you're struggling with thinning hair and slow hair growth, therapeutic lasers may help you restore your healthy head of hair. Medical-grade lasers can stimulate hair growth and reverse the thinning process for follicles that are still alive but underperforming. This is a drug-free treatment that rejuvenates aging hair, creating a fuller, denser head of hair. You can use these lasers in the form of a comb, band, or cap. Read on to figure out which one is right for you.

What Is the LaserComb?

Our Ultima 12 LaserComb is an elegant comb-shaped device that's equipped with 12 medical-grade lasers. These laser lights deliver therapeutic energy that stimulates hair follicles to encourage growth. An illuminated timer display helps you monitor the length of each treatment. The comb's patented teeth help part the hair so the lasers have direct contact with the scalp.

Our LaserComb is a lightweight, cordless tool that's easy to manipulate. It comes with a charging stand, power cord, and rechargeable battery. You'll enjoy a two-year laser device warranty with this product.

Our headband-shaped LaserBand 82 ComfortFlex device works in a similar manner, but this device sits over a particular band of the scalp. You can free your hands by wearing this device like a headband.

How To Use the LaserComb

HairMax LaserComb

The laser comb provides precise, targeted application of medical-grade laser lights. You apply this comb manually to the scalp by holding it in the place where you want to encourage hair growth. You will typically begin by holding the comb at the scalp line. After four seconds in place, the comb will beep and vibrate, letting you know that it's time to reposition the device.

You will then move the comb back about half an inch and repeat the process. You should work the comb over each section of the scalp three or four times before moving on to another area. You can gradually work over the entire scalp in this manner. The comb features two lines of gentle prongs positioned on either side of the lasers. These combs separate the hair so the lasers have direct access to your scalp.

If you opt for our LaserBand instead, you will place the flexible band over your head in the targeted area. To cover the entire scalp, you will move the band every 30 seconds to a total of six positions as you gradually move back over the scalp. The band also features two lines of combs with one on either side of the laser lights.

What Is a Laser Cap?

A laser cap is a hat-shaped device that's equipped with dozens or even hundreds of medical-grade lasers. This type of laser product is available in several configurations ranging from our PowerFlex Laser Cap 272 with an impressive collection of 272 medical-grade lasers to our streamlined Flip 80 Laser Cap with 80 medical-grade lasers.

These wearable devices sit on the head for a set duration, applying stimulating laser light to encourage active follicles. Devices with fewer lasers can typically be repositioned to provide light therapy to different parts of the scalp as needed. Thus, our LaserBand 82 can provide full coverage when repositioned over three areas of your scalp, front, middle and back.

Our LaserCap features a comfortable silicone insert that conceals the circuitry when you're wearing the cap. The water-resistant liner is easy to clean for simple care and maintenance. The cap also features an illuminated timer and battery level indicator to deliver all the information you need during your treatment. Our LaserCap comes with a power supply, power cord, controller, controller cable, sports cap, laser cap, and storage case.

How To Use the LaserCap

HairMax Laser Cap

Our LaserCap offers a hands-off laser treatment. You simply place the cap on your head and select the appropriate mode.

You can use either the 15-minute continuous-on mode or the 30-minute pulse mode. The continuous mode is our recommended option.
You then leave the cap in place until the treatment is complete.

The HairMax Flip 80 cap works in a similar manner, but it applies laser energy to only half of the scalp at a time.

This provides 160 total laser coverage for the cost of 80 lasers! To treat the entire scalp, you'll need to flip the cap after treating the first half of your scalp, and repeat the process for the second half of the scalp.

Which Option Is Right for Me?

The LaserComb and LaserBand offer some distinctive benefits over the Laser Cap. We think these products are best if you:

  • Have thick, coarse, or long hair in some places that you need to work through with a comb.
  • Want a short treatment that you can complete in just minutes.
  • You want even, all-over coverage for your entire scalp.

The Laser Cap provides unique benefits of its own. A laser cap is the best treatment option if:

  • You want a hands-free option that you don't have to actively reposition.
  • You have moderate to advanced hair loss
  • You want even, all-over coverage for your entire scalp.

With these diverse options, you can easily find a laser hair treatment that meets your needs. With regular use, you can enjoy an average of 129 new hairs per square inch after six months of laser therapy.

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