Number of Lasers Required for Hair Growth
Posted by Fran Dubsky

Setting the record straight on the false statements by manufacturers of laser phototherapy devices, that by incorporating more lasers in their devices they will work better.

We have seen a lot of erroneous claims on the internet for manufacturers of laser phototherapy devices, that by incorporating more lasers in their devices, the better they will work. Well, this statement is not true when it comes to lasers for hair growth and we want to set the record straight regarding the efficacy of the HairMax LaserComb and its laser delivery system.

The HairMax LaserComb is the ONLY home-use laser device that has been clinically proven and Cleared for marketing by the FDA to promote hair growth and treat hereditary hair loss. Many companies have tried to copy the HairMax and claim that their device is better because it has more lasers or more energy or more some other unsubstantiated claim. Well, more is not always better. The Arndt-Schultz curve is the reference source that specifies the optimum amount of laser dosage to be effective. Lexington has conducted years of scientific research to determine the optimum laser dosage rate which the HairMax LaserComb delivers. If you exceed the dosage – by having lasers that are too strong, or having too many lasers, you can actually damage the hair follicle, resulting in hair loss. As an example, the lasers used in hair removal do exactly this – they provide laser dosage higher than that specified in the Arndt-Schultz curve to stimulate hair growth and they actually cause damage to the hair follicle resulting in hair loss.

Do not be fooled into thinking more is better. All home use laser phototherapy devices for hair growth on the market, other than the HairMax have no oversight as far as manufacturing standards or quality controls since they have not been FDA Cleared for marketing. Because of this you have no idea if they are in fact safe and effective. Ask the “copycats” to see their clinical studies, scientific research, ISO safety certifications – they don’t have any. ONLY the HairMax is designed and manufactured using the latest technology with proof of efficacy verified through numerous published clinical studies.

In conclusion, it is easy to make all sorts of claims on the internet, but you should never trust your medical condition to fly-by-night companies who don’t even have proper addresses – many of them that manufacture laser phototherapy devices for hair growth use mail drops so you don t even know where they are located

For information about the HairMax LaserComb visit: http://hairmax/blogs/news
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