Shaving Your Head When Baldness Occurs
Posted by Fran Dubsky

We think that many, many men will not agree that “Going bald has never been so beautiful”. They want their hair back to not be bald anymore! We recently saw an article in the Wall Street Journal of October 23-24, entitled, ‘THE SHORN IDENTITY – Going bald has never been so beautiful’. The article describes how men have taken the step of shaving their heads when their hair lines recede.

The article points out that “receding hairlines spur otherwise sane men to torture themselves cosmetically, often with unfortunate results. These include the dreaded comb-over, Rogaine fuzz and the crop-like appearance of hair plugs”.

We think that many, many men will not agree that “Going bald has never been so beautiful”. They want their hair back to not be bald anymore! The article does not mention that in this day and age there are a number of alternatives for a receding hair line short of shaving your head. Treatment of hair loss has advanced a long way from the time when there were few if any options available other than to ‘suffer in silence from hair loss’ or simply get rid of all your hair.

In this regard, it is important to realize that there are presently 3 options that offer proven and effective treatment for hair loss for men that have FDA approval. The first 2 options are the drugs minoxidil and finesteride which are indicated for stimulating hair growth in male pattern baldness. The 3rd option which has FDA clearance for marketing is the HairMax Laser Devices which are the only non-drug option that has been proven to work. The HairMax has been proven in clinical studies to promote hair growth and help men keep the hair that they have if they suffer from hereditary hair loss. Finally, if a person wants surgical correction, they now have the option of receiving micro-graft hair transplants that eliminate the ‘cornrow’ appearance of transplants that were conducted many years ago when the procedure was first introduced.

The internet has plenty of information that is helpful and informative on the subject of hair loss. However, there is also lots of information on the web that is misleading, so it is best to consult sites that are reputable and correct. You can find a listing of the best hair loss resource sites by accessing a section of the HairMax web site:

In conclusion, while many men with receding hair lines find shaving their heads to be a great way to disguise their hair loss, many other do not like that option and want effective alternatives. In this day and age there ARE effective treatments to help restore your hair such as the HairMax LaserComb, rather than only having the option to make your head looks like Bruce Willis’!

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