Stay Ahead Of Your Hair Loss – Start Treatment Early!
Posted by Fran Dubsky
Stay Ahead Of Your Hair Loss – Start Treatment Early!

Losing your hair can seriously affect your self-confidence and self-esteem in all aspects of your life. We’re not saying it's fair in this age of self-awareness when we are all "living in the moment", but facts are facts, and whether you're looking for a promotion, running for president or just asking that girl out for a date,  your hair just might be your best friend.

It’s not just vanity, looking good can have real economic benefits. In today’s workplace, hair can help you get ahead. Research by The Emmid Institute in Munich found that balding men have less chance of getting the jobs they want than men with hair. In an experiment where applicants submitted photos of themselves along with their resumes, only 27% of bald job-seekers were called in for interviews versus 41% with hair.

Unfortunately, 25 percent of men start going bald by the time they are thirty years old. Simply put, we lose hair as we age. Pattern baldness affects many more men than women, and about two-thirds of men have at least a balding pattern by age 50.

Often you don’t realize you are thinning until you suddenly notice – or someone else points out – the little spot on the back of your head. At the end of the day, it’s not just about feeling hair loss nerves during a job interview but about how losing your hair affects your day-to-day moments.  

Fortunately, there is something you can do – and that’s starting treatment early!

With years of scientific studies on low-level laser therapy and stringent clinical trials, HairMax is a hair loss treatment that works. HairMax hair growth laser devices deliver therapeutic laser light directly to the hair follicles. Called photobiostimulation, this boost of light energy revitalizes and enlivens weakened hair follicles to stimulate growth factors and reverse the thinning process. This will help extend and restore the hair’s natural growth cycle, resulting in hair growth with increased density, fullness and vibrancy.

With an over 90% success rate, clinically proven to regrow hair, and shown to be safe and effective in extensive clinical studies, HairMax has innovated laser technology for women (and men) suffering from hair loss to regrow their hair without drugs or worrisome side effects.

After the submission of 7 extensive clinical studies with 460 men and women, HairMax was granted the first FDA Clearance as a home use medical device to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth in both men and women. Study participants experienced significant new hair growth – with an average increase in hair count of 129 additional new hairs per square inch. To date, HairMax holds an impressive 8 FDA clearances!

HairMax is here to help people grow the strongest hair possible. Through the years we have seen the positive, life changing effects that thicker, fuller, healthier hair has on HairMax users. There are so many success stories on how HairMax has improved not only the way people look but also the way they feel about themselves. The self-confidence gained touches so many aspects of your life. Your new-found self-confidence and self-esteem translates into feeling stronger, in every area of your life!

As your hair grows stronger – you grow stronger and in turn, you gain the confidence to do more and be more: asking that special someone out for a date, socializing more, acing that job interview and just enjoying life to the fullest.

Healthy hair growth is at your fingertips. Start growing stronger today – with HairMax!

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