The Impact of Male Pattern Baldness on Men’s Lives
Posted by Fran Dubsky

Male pattern baldness is a common condition affecting over 50 million men in the United States, and over 100 million men around the world.  Male pattern baldness can cause tremendous psychological damage to many, many men, and in some cases can interfere with career advancement or job prospects. If you are experiencing male pattern baldness, it is understandable that it can make you self-conscious, cause anxiety, or make you insecure, and can even affect your performance on the job.



There have been numerous studies carried out around the world and in the United States to gauge the impact of male pattern baldness.   It is no surprise that in one study carried out in the nineties, it was concluded that men with greater male pattern baldness report more negative effects due to their hair loss across all age groups, but the effects were more pronounced in younger men.  Another study was carried out in 4 European countries, and also concluded that age was significantly correlated with male pattern hair loss.  It is clearly apparent from all of the studies that there is also a correlation between degree of hair loss from male pattern baldness and the degree of impact on ones’ life. Finally, there was a major study conducted in 2003 on the psychological impact of alopecia.  The study concluded that male pattern baldness can be associated with serious psychological consequences, manifested in anxiety and depression.  The study also found that in certain cases, male pattern baldness is perceived by many with the condition as a form of disfigurement that impacts a person’s sense of self and identity. 

It is very surprising though, that so many men simply try to cope with male pattern baldness and wear hats to disguise it and do nothing to treat it.  So why don’t more men take aggressive action to treat male pattern baldness if the condition can have such a serious impact on ones’ life?  One of the answers is probably that with the plethora of products sold on the internet, which promise a ‘cure’ for male pattern baldness, they in reality offer nothing but empty promises.  However, what men with male pattern baldness do not realize is that amidst all of this ‘clutter’, there are effective treatments out there.  There are 2 drugs and 1 laser device on the market, which have been proven in multiple clinical trials to work in effectively treating male pattern baldness.  The KEY to effective treatment is to START TREATMENT EARLY.  If you are affected by male pattern baldness in your 20’s, it will not get better, but will only get worse and there will be less likelihood that these treatments will work as well when you get older.

One other answer as to why men do not start to treat their hair loss, is that the 2 drugs approved to treat the condition are in fact… drugs, which can be effective, but can also have some serious side effects and they do not want to use them. What many men don’t realize is that there IS an effective non-drug alternative to drugs to treat male pattern baldness – the  HairMax LaserComb which utilizes laser phototherapy to stimulate the follicles directly to regrow hair in male pattern baldness.  The treatment is not systemic, and has a truly excellent safety profile, in that no serious side effects have ever been reported. Best of all, in clinical studies, the results from the HairMax in growing hair in mild to moderate male pattern baldness, is the same or better that the results found with the drugs.

In conclusion, in this day and age men do not have to suffer from male pattern baldness.  The key to effective treatment is to begin using the HairMax LaserComb when, 1) male pattern baldness first begins, and or 2) when hair loss ceases to be a simply a concern and starts to affect your life. When that happens, you should decide to once and for all to fight your male pattern baldness, and begin treatment to take back control of your life.


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