Treating Hair Loss With Hands Free Devices
Posted by Fran Dubsky
Treating Hair Loss With Hands Free Devices

In recent times, the introduction of hands free, or ‘top of hair’ laser phototherapy devices have occurred. The types of devices offer one style and model, as they feel that “one size fits all”.  The problem with this is the cost of these devices, is that may be out of the reach of affordability for everyone, and therefore those who want to treat their hereditary hair loss may not be able to do so.  

 The HairMax laser phototherapy devices are offered in a variety of models with prices starting at USD$199.  A number of these models are hand held devices, which continue to have an important role in the treatment of hair loss. Many people just want to treat certain affected areas of their scalp and not their entire head.   They are light weight, they have a teeth mechanism built in to part the hair during use, to assure maximal delivery light to the scalp and then the follicles, and they only require treatment for just 8 seconds to 15 minutes depending on model.  They are convenient to use in the manner you want to use them, and do not interrupt life style since they can be used while watching TV.

The biggest design flaw on “top of hair” devices, is their inability to part hair during use.  Nature has cleverly designed our heads with hair that filters out sun light, to prevent over exposure.  Just like sun light, other sources such as laser light are also filtered out by hair.  Therefore, you might  minimize delivery of laser light to your scalp, which would  diminish energy from reaching the follicles, which would in turn, mean you would not receive optimum results.    They also are time consuming to use, during our busy life styles.

One of the HairMax models offered is the HairMax LaserBand, an enhanced hands free device with super-fast treatment time.  This device requires as little as 90 seconds total treatment time, 3 times a week – 3 passes of as little as 30 seconds over your scalp is all that is needed for ideal treatment.  The “top of hair” devices require 20 -30 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week.  The HairMax LaserBand also incorporates a hair parting teeth mechanism unlike the “top of hair” devices, to assure delivery of the energy required to your follicles to regrow your hair.

In conclusion, the idea of “one size fits all” is not an ideal choice .  Just like you want a choice in cars you buy, or computers, etc., you should have a choice when you are considering laser phototherapy device to treat your hair loss.  No other company offers the range and type of devices as the HairMax models, giving you a real choice as to how you wish to treat your condition, so there is no excuse to start battling hair loss at the first signs of it occurring with either one of the HairMax LaserComb devices, or the new HairMax LaserBand.


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