Trichologist Talks About Her Mistake and Laser Hair Treatment
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Trichologist Talks About Her Mistake and Laser Hair Treatment

Authored by: Yuliia Chorna, Dermatologist and Trichologist

During my consultations after the end of the diagnosis with the help of trichoscopy or phototrichogram and the determination of the causes of hair loss, I proceed to prescribe the treatment.

At this stage, all patients pay great attention to my recommendations on the hair washing regimen, on the use of therapeutic lotions, and on the correction of nutrient deficiencies. They never even have questions about scalp detox in the clinic… But an interesting point, as soon as I talk about home physiotherapy with a low-intensity laser, I immediately hear questions: Why is this? And what does it do? And can I do without it?

I realized that such a frivolous attitude to laser home devices comes from a misunderstanding of what the laser beam does with the hair follicle, as well as from the confusion of the laser beam with LEDs.

In this article, I wanted to correct this injustice in relation to laser therapy, because in fact, this is one of the most proven and studied methods in trichology for the treatment of hair loss and Hairmax laser therapy is the first FDA Cleared laser hair growth device.

What does Hairmax low-intensity laser hair loss treatment device look like?

Unlike the huge powerful lasers that remove hair on our body, the laser that restores hair is not very powerful and therefore it is small, like a comb, hat or band. But its dimensions should not confuse you, inside these devices there is a 100% medical laser, which from the very first application is guaranteed to penetrate the skin to a predetermined depth - where the hair originates.

And what happens next? Further, laser photons are absorbed by mitochondria - the "batteries" of our cells that produce energy, which needs a lot during the birth and growth of a new hair. Also, light laser energy is transformed into biological and activates signaling mechanisms that transfer hair follicles from the stage of loss to the stage of active growth. I will also add such important effects of laser therapy as: improving the blood supply to the hair follicles, suppressing inflammation inside the hair follicle, rejuvenating follicles that have fallen asleep with age or have atrophied from prolonged hair loss. 

And most importantly, the effect of Hairmax low-intensity laser therapy on our hair follicles leads to long-term results that do not end, but, on the contrary, increase after the course of treatment. This is characteristic of high-quality physiotherapeutic methods with an evidence base.

I hope that from the foregoing it became clear that the laser is not an additional technique, but, on the contrary, it is the main, basic one. I love comparing it to "butter on bread" when you're making a sandwich. Whatever you put on top - cheese, ham, lettuce, butter always comes first, without it you will not get the right sandwich.

But it is also very important which laser you use. I am mentioning Hairmax lasers here as I have been with this #1 laser hair treatment brand for 9 years. It was the Hairmax company that was the first to investigate and discover the possibility of the effect of a laser on hair growth, received FDA Clearance and included this treatment method in the guidelines of dermatologists and trichologists.

The devices of this company are very easy to use, everything is thought out with love for the consumer - from the fastest session in the world (90 seconds) to the highest density of lasers on the surface of the device.

Here I want to draw your attention to the fact that all the effects and results that I have described above are achieved only with real laser diodes, not LED lamps. Unfortunately, many manufacturers, trying to dishonestly compete, deceive the consumer by placing red LED lamps instead of lasers in their devices (or combining them), but they do not have the penetrating and therapeutic ability of the laser and do not promote hair growth. At the same time, they outwardly imitate a laser and are much cheaper. Choose the trusted Hairmax brand to make sure you're getting the best product on the market from a trusted industry leader.

While I was writing this article, telling you about the possibilities of lasers in the treatment of hair loss and stimulation of healthy hair growth, I realized my mistake as a specialist. In my recommendations, I gave this technique the wrong place, now it will be in the first paragraph of my recommendations, as the main therapeutic technique.

Be healthy! Yuliia 

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