What to Look for in a Laser Hair Growth Device?
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What to Look for in a Laser Hair Growth Device?

If you're facing hair loss, including conditions like Androgenetic alopecia (female and male pattern baldness). it’s not the end of the world!  

Thanks to advancements in low-level laser therapy, a non-invasive treatment option is now within reach, improving hair density, and revitalizing hair follicles with the help of laser technology. 

However, with all the options on the market, finding the best laser hair growth device can sometimes be difficult. It's important to look for key features on your device, so that your hair restoration journey is most effective and safe. 

This guide serves as a roadmap to identifying those key features on your hair growth device, providing you with the knowledge to make informed decisions tailored to your unique hair restoration journey!


1. Medical Grade Lasers

Firstly, the type of laser technology used is paramount. Medical grade lasers, distinct from LEDs, are crucial for their ability to deliver concentrated light energy directly to the hair follicles, stimulating hair growth effectively with laser therapy.

Intensity and precision

Lasers deliver collimated light, which travels in a straight line. A focused, coherent laser light penetrates the scalp to reach your follicles. This targeted approach is essential for activating the hair follicle roots and encouraging new hair growth. Unlike LED lights - which are not collimated or focused - medical grade lasers emit a more precise beam of light that you can be sure will address your hair growth needs.

Optimal Wavelengths

Hairmax® laser devices utilize specific wavelengths ranging from 650 to 655 nm. These wavelengths are scientifically chosen to optimize hair follicle response. On the other hand, LEDs use wavelengths between 620 - 680 nm.

This difference shows the precision of hair growth laser technology compared to LEDs.

Conclusively, it's really important to use medical grade lasers rather than LEDs. Laser devices are not only more precise in targeting hair follicles but also meet higher safety standards and tend to deliver better hair growth results. So, the key piece of advice here is to always go for a device equipped with medical grade lasers!


2. Understanding Scalp Coverage

For Androgenetic alopecia, which can cause thinning on the entire head, it's important that your device offers complete scalp coverage. The goal is to effectively provide nourishing light energy across the entirety of the scalp, so that no spot is missed. Here's what to consider:

Uniform Laser Placement

Pay attention to the density and the placement of lasers on the device. More closely placed laser diodes ensure a consistent and uniform delivery of laser light to your follicles. Products from Hairmax® are at the forefront in this aspect, engineered with uniformly and densely placed lasers, ensuring high amounts of laser light reaching your scalp. This way, your treatment will be more effective and you'll be able to stimulate more hair follicles throughout the head.

Comprehensive Coverage

Look for devices offering full scalp coverage, from ear to ear and front to back. This ensures no area is left untreated, maximizing the potential for hair regrowth. Devices like the LaserBand 82 are designed to provide extensive coverage across the entire scalp, whereas helmets from brands like iRestore cover only the top of the scalp.

Make sure you choose a device with full-scalp coverage to make your treatment as effective as possible.


3. Hair Parting Teeth

Hair parting teeth are a crucial feature in enhancing the efficiency of laser hair growth devices, particularly noted in models like Hairmax®'s LaserBands and LaserCombs. These innovative teeth effectively part the hair during use, which facilitates optimal light energy delivery directly to the scalp and hair follicles.



Optimal Light Delivery

Hair parting teeth ensure that the hair does not block the path of the laser light. By parting the hair, these teeth allow maximum light penetration, ensuring that the energy reaches the hair follicles directly, which is essential for stimulating hair growth.

Enhanced Root Stimulation

With the hair neatly parted, the laser light can reach the scalp with minimal obstruction. This direct exposure increases the stimulation of the hair roots, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the treatment. It's a testament to the precision that hair growth lasers bring to the table.


Hairmax®'s LaserCombs and LaserBands are designed with strategically positioned hair parting teeth. This design not only ensures comfort during use but also maximizes the distribution of laser light across the scalp. To see this technology in action, and to understand how it works, watch the instructional video on Hairmax's YouTube channel.

By incorporating hair parting teeth, devices offer a significant advantage in treating conditions like androgenetic alopecia, making them a top consideration for effective laser hair growth therapy.

4. Ease of use

In the medical device field, ensuring devices are easy to use is more important than you might think. Easy-to-use devices encourage you to seamlessly integrate the device use into your daily routine. For optimal treatment outcomes, consistent use is key, and a good design that minimizes disruption will significantly help you adhere to your treatment regimen.

Weight and comfort

Over time, the lighter weight significantly enhances comfort, leading to a more effective treatment. Therefore, when selecting a hair growth device, give special consideration to weight and comfort.

A lighter and more comfortable hair growth device, like Hairmax®'s Laserband 82, can transform the hair growth journey from just effective to also enjoyable. Weighing just 15.3 oz., it offers a lightweight design that stands out compared to bulkier helmet devices. In contrast, the iRestore helmet tips the scales at 1.34 lbs. Hairmax devices are also travel friendly, fitting easily into your carry on bag or purse.

Session Duration and Frequency

More effective hair growth devices mean spending less time on treatment while still achieving desired results. With a variety of options available from different brands, most require only 20-30 minutes of use 2-5 times a week.

However, high-quality devices like Hairmax®'s LaserBand 82 ComfortFlex need just 90 seconds, 3 days per week, showcasing its efficiency as a leading hair growth device.

Portability and Power Options

Checking the charging and battery options is important as opting for a cordless device can significantly enhance flexibility and convenience in your hair care routine, especially while traveling. Corded devices, on the other hand, limit your mobility by tethering you to a wall outlet. This limitation can also make it challenging to seamlessly integrate the treatment into your daily routine.

Devices like the LaserBand 82, with its rechargeable batteries, offer freedom from wall outlets during treatment.

These features not only enhance the physical comfort of the device but also ensure that the treatment process is as efficient and easy to use as possible.

5. FDA Clearance and Clinical Research

Looking for FDA-cleared devices and proof of clinical efficacy is essential. Now, why is it important? With FDA clearance, you can rest assured that the product is safe to use, while randomized clinical trials demonstrate its effectiveness. FDA clearances also lend credibility and serve as a seal of approval, demonstrating that the brand has a proven track record and extensive experience. Devices that boast numerous certifications offer assurance of their safety and potential effectiveness in treating androgenetic alopecia, making them clinically proven solutions.

FDA Clearance

This certification ensures that all data submitted was subject to intense scrutiny and review. When a company receives FDA Clearance, it adheres to stringent rules and high standards covering all aspects of manufacturing and quality control. We're very proud that Hairmax® has been granted 8 FDA clearances for laser hair growth devices - the highest in the market.

Clinical Research and Studies

Significant research, including randomized controlled trials, has demonstrated the effectiveness of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) in increasing hair density and promoting regrowth in both males and females. When searching for the right device, ensure the brand has invested in clinical research, with proper quality control for credible and unbiased results evidence.

The extensive clinical research across seven studies involving 460 participants demonstrates no adverse effects and confirms the effectiveness of Hairmax® devices, making it a clinically proven and low-level laser therapy solution.

Brand experience

Furthermore, it's important that the brand you choose has extensive experience in the laser hair growth industry. Experience demonstrates a brand's reliability, effectiveness, and commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Here at Hairmax®, we dedicated more than 23 years to exemplify these qualities, distinguishing ourselves with a tangible presence and a real office.


In this article, we explored the top 5 features you must look for in an effective laser hair growth device.

Here are they listed for summary:

  • Medical Grade Lasers: Ensure the device uses medical-grade lasers, as they are designed to deliver optimal results.

  • Full Scalp Coverage: Look for devices that offer full scalp coverage to ensure all areas needing attention are treated.

  • Patented Hair Parting Teeth: Devices with patented hair parting teeth are beneficial as they help in efficient light energy delivery to the hair follicles.

  • Ease of Use: A device that is easy to use and handle can significantly enhance your treatment.

FDA Clearance and Research: Choose devices that have FDA clearance and are backed by scientific research, indicating their safety and efficacy. Also, ensure that the brand possesses a history of expertise and that the product is clinically proven.

This process involves weighing technological advancements against practicality and knowing your specific needs. We hope these insights cleared up some uncertainties and gave you guidance on the journey to transform your hair!

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