Flip 80 Laser Cap

Laser Therapy for Hair Regrowth

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The Flip 80 Laser Cap is uniquely designed to treat the front or back of your head or both with a simple flip.

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Full Coverage With A Simple Flip

The Flip 80 Laser Cap is the first and only cordless laser cap device uniquely designed to treat the front or back of your head, or both with a simple flip. 80 medical grade lasers are focused in half of the cap, providing double the laser density of other 80 diode laser caps and the equivalent of 160 total lasers on the scalp when flipped.

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    Proven Technology
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    For Men & Women
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Engineered with these unique features:

  • Results in as little as 3 months
  • 15 minutes partial scalp coverage / 30 minute full scalp coverage treatment time
  • Best fits head sizes up to 22.5 in (57.15 cm) in circumference
  • Therapeutic light energy stimulates follicles, reverses thinning, restores the hair’s natural growth cycle, and promotes hair growth
  • 80 medical grade lasers (no LEDs)
  • 800mW Total power output when flipped
  • Unique design treats front of scalp, back of scalp, or both with just a flip
  • Lightest Cap device on the market, weighs just 9.6 oz., providing an ultra-comfortable treatment
  • Users receive equal to 160 lasers for the cost of 80 when used on the back and front
  • The translucent silicone liner protects and conceals the laser diodes


Treatment Instructions:

Place the device on your head in a comfortable relaxed position (Figure E). Your HairMax Flip 80 can be used with the lasers in the front of your scalp or in the back of your scalp. Treat this area for 15 minutes. Use a watch or clock to time your treatment.

Press and hold the Power Button on the side of the Laser Device until you hear a single beep. The Indicator Light will illuminate blue and the Red Lasers in the cap will turn on (Figure F).

To treat the second half of your scalp, once the 15 minute treatment is complete, Flip your Cap (Figure G) to treat the other half of your head. Use a watch or clock to time the second 15 minute part of your treatment. When your treatments are complete, press the Power Button on the Laser Device to turn your device off, you will hear two beeps. Store in a safe place for your next treatment.

NOTE – Your Hairmax® Laser Device cannot be used while being charged.


The FLIP 80 Laser Cap Includes:

  • Hairmax® Flip 80 Hair Growth Device
  • Storage/Travel Case
  • Rechargeable built in battery
  • USB Power Cord/ Power Supply
  • User Manual



Results Over Time

  • 1-2 MONTHS

    You may not see visible results at first, but changes are beginning to occur beneath the surface. Increased blood flow begins bringing in more oxygen and nutrients to your follicles. Dormant, weakened follicles are revitalized. You may notice some shedding, which is a positive sign, as thin wispy hairs are shed and will be replaced new thicker hair.

  • 3-4 MONTHS

    During this period visible new hair growth begins. Shedding slows and you will see and feel new hair growth. Thin, weakened hair is replaced by thicker, healthier hair with increased manageability and shine.

  • 5-6 MONTHS

    This period is where patience pays off. Your hair continues to grow in thicker, denser and fuller. You will see less scalp showing through as thinning and balding areas fill in with vibrant new growth.


    Significant improvements in your hair growth, thickness and vitality continue. It is still very important to use your Hairmax laser device consistently to keep your follicles energized and hair growing strong.


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